Manoj Bajpayee recalls the first time Shah Rukh took him to a disco: 'Maine chappal pehni thi, sabse garib admi main hi tha,' says the speaker.

Manoj Bajpayee stated that he was’sabse gareeb admi’ when he went to a discotheque for the first time with Shah Rukh Khan.

Manoj Bajpayee has stated that it was Shah Rukh Khan who first took him to a discotheque, and that he was possibly the poorest man there.

Manoj is a Bihar native who rose to prominence in 1998 with Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya. Prior to his success, he spent a significant amount of time in Delhi for college and then theatre.

Manoj told Currly Tales about the time SRK took him to a disco “That happened a long time ago. Ghungroo, a nightclub in Delhi, and maine chappal pehni thi uss samay. Kisi tarah mere liye jooton ka intezam kiya gaya (At the time, I was wearing slippers, and shoes were somehow arranged for me).”

Manoj Bajpayee and Shah Rukh Khan had very different acting careers despite attending the same acting school. Both SRK and Manoj Bajpayee were students of Barry John when they began their careers. In a recent interview with Galatta Plus, Manoj Bajpayee spoke candidly about his past, revealing that he went to his first nightclub with SRK in Delhi.

Sharing an anecdote about his nightclub experience Manoj yelled,

“Shah Rukh is such a big star that anything I say about him becomes news,” Shah Rukh was with Barry at the same time as I was with Barry. I am still in contact with many of my friends from that night, and we are still very good friends. Shah Rukh’s life has diverged from ours. I still remember looking for shoes to get into the discotheque, because I was in chappals.”.

He went on to say that the club was in Delhi and that it was ‘dark and dismal’. Ghungroo was the name of the discotheque. Rama, Benny, and Shah Rukh picked him up, and it was his first time at a disco. He went on to say that they used to share cigarettes, beedis, and whatever else they could afford. When discussing Shah Rukh, he stated that he was always charming and well-liked by the girls in the group they infiltrated. He was always a good orator.

On the professional front, Manoj Bajpayee is working on Despatch, Soup, and Family Man Season 3.

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh is currently in Mumbai filming for Atlee’s film Jawan alongside Nayanthara. Pathaan and Dunki are also in the works.

“Then I went inside,” he continued. That was my first glimpse of that life. I learned what a nightclub is. “These people were dancing, but I was sitting in the corner, sipping my wine.”

This isn’t the first time Manoj has mentioned his first visit to a discotheque. “Yes, Shah Rukh Khan and Benny and Rama, these were the people who took me,” he told Galatta Plus last year. That was my first time visiting a discotheque.” He also described the place as “dark and dingy”.

Manoj appeared in the films Silence… Can You Hear It? and Dial 100. He was also the main character in Raj and DK’s popular web series The Family Man. Two seasons of the show have already aired on Prime Video, and fans are hoping for a third.

Manoj is now all set for the release of his next, Gulmohar directed by Rahul V Chittella. Gulmohar also stars Sharmila Tagore, Suraj Sharma, Amol Palekar, Kaveri Seth and Simran. It will release on Disney+ Hotstar on March 3.

The film is about a multi-generation family – the Batras – who are sent on a dizzy ride as they deal with insecurities when they are to move out of their 34-year-old family home. The film is produced by Star Studios in association with Chalkboard Entertainment and Autonomous Works.

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