In the past two months, the marital saga of Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal has taken a nefarious turn. He made a number of accusations against his ex-wife during a news conference, including claiming that she had accused his parents, who are 70 years old, of having unnatural sex. He said that she had taken his house and car and was preventing him from seeing his son Kavish. The statement that she is having an adulterous affair with Rohit Sathia, who also happens to be her Rakhi brother, is the most incriminating. She currently shares their marriage house with her purported current partner. Kashmera Shah stated in an interview yesterday that she has chosen to serve as a character witness for Karan Mehra and that the entire case of alleged domestic abuse was riddled with inconsistencies.

On social media, Karan Mehra thanked her for standing up for him and his family. He declared that he will always be grateful and indebted.

According to Kashmera Shah, the couple’s friend Rohit K. Verma told her about the alleged assault. The following day, she claimed she visited Nisha Rawal’s house. When the door was locked, she questioned Rohit Sathia, who was present, if he had seen Karan Mehra beating Nisha Rawal. She added that it was like a warning sign that the CCTV camera was off. The final point is somewhat dubious because Nisha Rawal sent a similar mail to all of her friends about her marital difficulties.

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