Maxime Bouttier, the actor from Ticket to Paradise: Now, all of us are clamouring to watch a happy movie.

With Ticket to Paradise, Indonesian actor Maxime Bouttier has discovered his ticket to Hollywood, and he intends to take full advantage of it. Additionally, he hopes to establish a successful career by working on projects that have a positive energy.

In actuality, his first film, in which he co-stars with George Clooney and Julia Roberts, is a rom-com woven from the threads of Bali and Indonesian culture.

“Through the movie, I’m sort of introducing the world to Indonesia through a rom-com element. We have typically seen it in a more documentary-style manner. Now, it is more of a larger-than-life item with a touch of Bali, he explains, adding that the island of Bali has a wonderfully rich history and culture. Since I’m not just expressing myself as an actor but also an entire culture, it is really crucial for me to do so.

The 29-year-old claims that everyone has been pining for a feel-good movie.

“Everything has been wild; everything has been occurring. It has been real lately, so people need some nice laughs, he adds, adding, “Recently, the movies have also been fairly dismal. They have been intense, dramatic, action-packed, and gory. I enjoy those films as well, but I believe it is beneficial to include another romantic comedy in this scenario, he adds.

The actor is hoping that Ticket to Paradise will work. Bouttier, who played the Balinese seaweed farmer Gede in the movie, has been known as the new Hollywood heartthrob. After a hiatus, he is pleased to see rom-coms return to the West. What about investigating the entrance you’ve discovered to the West?

“I have never been one for planning ahead, so I like to go with the flow. Although I do have goals, you kind of have to go with the flow when working this type of job because things just happen. How do I move forward given that this is my first film? The interesting thing, in my opinion, is where we go from here—literally—to LA, he claims.

The actor expresses his opinions by saying, “I have worked in Jakarta and Indonesia. So I’m not sure if or how that would be different. For me personally, it will be a new experience and a learning curve. So I’ll just keep learning on the job and see where it leads. I basically have to kind of wing it as an actor,” he says.

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