Meghan Markle revealed that her husband, Prince Harry, assisted her at her “lowest point” in life. Here is what she stated in her podcast with Deepika Padukone.

Meghan Markle (right) discussed mental health with Deepika Padukone.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has spoken up about the “worst period” in her life when she sought help. In the latest episode of her podcast Archetypes, The Decoding of Crazy with Deepika Padukone, Jenny Slate, and Constance Wu, Meghan speaks with actor Deepika Padukone. During her speech to her guests, Meghan recalled how her husband, Prince Harry, had assisted her during that time in her life.

Deepika has stated regarding her mental health, “You just continually feel empty, this sensation of emptiness and hollowness and hopelessness.” We knew someone who was a therapist in our family and friends circle, so I dialled her number. I talked to her. She was at an event when she came out and said, ‘Deepika.’ I’m getting on a plane right now to come see you. You should consult a psychiatrist.’ She could tell I needed assistance just by the sound of my voice.

Meghan remembered, “Yeah. And you mustered the confidence to seek the assistance you required, as well as assistance that works for you. At my lowest point, I believe I was finally connected to someone because my husband (Prince Harry) had discovered a referral for me to call. And I called this lady. She had no idea I was calling her

She said, “And she was checking out at the supermarket. I could hear the ‘beep, beep,’ and I was like, ‘Hi,’ and I’m introducing myself, and you can literally hear me go, ‘wait, sorry.’ Who exactly am I?’ I’m saying I need assistance. And she could hear how bad I was feeling. But I believe it is incumbent upon all of us to be completely honest about what we require and to not be frightened to accept and request it. And I believe what’s most illuminating for you is that you’re willing to talk about it.

Last year, Harry co-starred with Oprah Winfrey in The Me You Can’t See, an Apple TV+ documentary series addressing mental health. Harry had discussed the racist articles written about Meghan and how his family had failed to assist.

They said ‘Harry’s lady is (nearly) straight outta Compton’ and that her ‘exotic DNA will be thickening the royal blood’ within the first eight days of our relationship being made public. I felt absolutely helpless; I expected my family to assist, but every single request, request, warning, or whatever it was was received with total silence or pure disdain. We spent four years trying to make it work, doing everything we could to stay in the role and do the job. “However, Meghan was having difficulties,” he had stated.

Harry and Meghan married in 2018. They have two children: Archie, born in 2019, and Lilibet, born in 2021. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their retirement as senior members of the royal family in 2020. The couple then relocated to the United States.

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