Minus One by Ayush Mehra is an ode to relationships, breakups, and reality.

Varun and Ria, played by Ayush Mehra and Aisha Ahmed, return in Minus One: New Chapter as they navigate their breakup. The new chapter of the series, which premieres on Valentine’s Day, follows a slightly different format. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Ayush Mehra discussed how his character evolves as he matures and how viewers will be able to understand both lead characters’ perspectives.

The actor also discussed his working relationship with co-star Aisha Ahmed, whom he has known for eight years. Minus One: New Chapter, created by Sidhantha Mathur and Shubham Yogi, will premiere on Lionsgate Play on February 14, 2023. Below are some excerpts:

You’ve stated that viewers will feel a wide range of emotions in season two. Could you please elaborate?

Season one was very comical, lighthearted, and slice-of-life, but season two is a completely different story. It’s not the same genre at all. You can start watching it from episode one and you don’t have to watch anything else. That is the most appealing aspect of it. Because of the genre shift, many aspects of the character change as well. There are two timelines: young and slightly mature. The time difference is seven to eight years. That’s something we’re really looking forward to.

When things aren’t going well in your life, you can put on a show. Varun begins to pretend; he does not love himself and regrets his actions in retrospect. As a character, he is extremely vulnerable. He’s so vulnerable that he sometimes uses it as a toxicity. It’s liberating for me as an actor to play such a wide range of emotions so early in my career. You’ve seen shows like Blue Valentine, Scenes From A Marriage, and Marriage Story, and to be a part of such a show is truly a blessing.

Varun, how has he changed in the second season?

It’s a new beginning and evolution throughout, and this chapter is about loving yourself. You realise that you can’t love anyone else if you don’t love yourself. It’s about being true to yourself and not losing yourself because the rest of the world wants you to. It’s all about taking responsibility and maning up. There is a lot of evolution going on in a lot of places. It is about not being afraid to show strength and to always be there for the other person. I think [Varun] does that so beautifully that it’s liberating to watch him be [messed up] in his life but still not ready to quit for the other person.

Varun and Ria’s relationship evolves in this new season. Will viewers be pleased with the path they choose?

It is never black and white in the show. We always play in the grey area. You’ll believe Varun is correct at times, and Ria is correct at others. At no point, you’ll be like, one person is wrong. You take sides with both and understand their points of view, which is how relationships work in general. It’s not a one-sided situation. There is a lot of logic. There are numerous complexities and layers to consider. [Varun and Ria’s relationship] evolves and changes as we show the ‘pre’, ‘post’, and ‘during’. That, I believe, is the real thing that happens in people’s lives. It’s not always smooth sailing. It’s not always a happy ending.

How did you collaborate with Aisha Ahmed to create the bond between the two characters on the show, particularly their friendship as exes?

Aisha and I have worked together for eight years and have a wonderful friendship. We are extremely fortunate to have been able to do this with each other because our bond and trust as actors is immense. Even if I throw water on Aisha in a scene, I know she will not break it and will continue with the scene. She’ll probably kill me after the scene. Because there was a lot of intimacy involved, we were very awkward about it at first because you can’t jump into this after eight years.

We had a 15-day intimacy workshop, a 15-day acting workshop, and a 10-day writing and directing workshop. We went through a lengthy process in which we were supposed to feel things and ease into them. That’s how I believe it aided our bonding, as we became very vulnerable in the workshops with each other. I had known Aisha before, but this was the first time I truly knew her. It’s similar to going through adversity with a friend. That, I believe, strengthens the chemistry and [our] bond as actors.

How does Minus One stand out and differ from the other shows about romance and relationships?

I think Minus One is an ode to relationships, break up and reality. It’s a show about acceptance and self-love. It’s a show about independence and pretense and ambition. It’s about toxicity about being in the same place and not moving out. It is issues which are very real, very relatable and yet so damn toxic. It’s a mix of a lot of things. I just hope that when people watch it, they feel for the characters as much as they feel for themselves. They sympathize and empathize with them and I hope it really is a fun watch for everyone.

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