Morgan Evans discusses divorce in her new docuseries and song "Over for You."

Morgan Evans’ emotional single “Over for You” was released in October, and fans knew he was opening up about his personal life. Evans is taking fans behind the scenes of his life and heartbreak with the release of a five-part docuseries.

The docuseries, directed by Peter John, offers an intimate look into Evans’ personal life, both onstage and at home, where he grew up. The project had been in the works for over a year, but it took on new meaning when Evans divorced just weeks before filming began.

Overcoming heartbreak through music :

“Over for You,” Evans’ latest single, is a personal and emotional reflection on his divorce from fellow country artist Kelsea Ballerini. The song is a testament to the power of music as a healing tool, as Evans shares his deepest emotions with his fans.

Evans discussed the therapeutic nature of his music in an interview with the Bobby Bones Show, saying, “Having gone through a situation like that, seeing that it helps other people going through situations like that, yeah, it’s really a big deal.”

An inside look at Evans’ divorce from Kelsea Ballerini :

The docuseries not only provides an intimate look into Evans’ personal life, but it also delves into his public divorce from Kelsea Ballerini. Rolling Up the Welcome Mat, an EP and short film by Ballerini, documented the reasons for their divorce. Evans responded by releasing “Over for You,” which Ballerini criticised for being released before their divorce was finalised.

Evans uses the docuseries to tell his side of the story and share his personal journey. Despite Ballerini’s criticism, Evans remained gracious and focused on the big picture: “All I ask is that you not be mean if you visit my pages. Don’t be cruel to Kelsea, and don’t be cruel to each other.”

Finding hope and moving forward :

Evans’ divorce was undoubtedly difficult, but he has since found hope and positivity in his life. Evans has been linked to Outer Banks star Chase Stokes since their divorce was finalised in November.

The docuseries gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at Evans’ personal journey and how he has overcome heartbreak through music and his own strength. Evans hopes that by sharing his story with his fans, he can bring comfort and healing to those who are in similar situations.

Morgan Evans’ five-part docuseries offers an intimate look into his personal life as well as the heartbreak he endured during his divorce from Kelsea Ballerini. Evans has found hope and positivity through his music and his own strength, and he hopes to inspire others who may be in similar situations. Evans breaks down barriers by opening up and sharing his story, demonstrating that vulnerability and personal writing are relatable and powerful.

Kelsea described her divorce conversation with Morgan as “beautiful.” She remembered them “crying and hugging” and agreeing to go through the divorce “properly,” without becoming “nasty,” especially since they were in the public eye. However, just a few weeks later, Morgan released his song “Over For You,” which alluded to his feelings of being caught off guard by Kelsea’s decision to file papers. “I was furious,” Kelsea admitted. “I thought I had a good handle on my grief journey until that song came out. “I was furious.”

Kelsea was further aggravated when Morgan’s lawyers requested that he receive half of the couple’s home in the divorce. “One thing he was so adamant about in the beginning was, ‘I don’t want people thinking I’m using you or riding coattails,’ and I never felt that way,” Kelsea said. “To my core, I have to believe that this man was purely in love with me, not just artist me. But then we divorced, and who you marry is not necessarily who you divorce. He’s taking half of the house he didn’t pay for while releasing a song about being blindsided.” Kelsea clarified that she and Morgan had a prenuptial agreement.

Regardless of her feelings for her ex, Kelsea is accepting responsibility for her part in the marriage’s demise. “I don’t blame him for everything,” she admitted. “I wasn’t perfect, he wasn’t perfect, and it wasn’t perfect. There were definitely times when I looked back and thought… I should’ve done things differently, or I might’ve ended up here. That was definitely something I ended up sharing with him during the unravelling. I just said, ‘I need to own the last few years. I checked out a long time ago and needed to let you know.”

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