Mozez Singh is openly homosexual, yet he doesn’t believe in coming out and discussing his sexuality at random. It’s a deliberate choice since he doesn’t want it to be anything out of the ordinary in the first place.

“I don’t believe it’s essential.” If someone asks me a question, I will answer it. It manifests itself via my work. I don’t believe that talking about it, pounding it into people’s minds… It should be relaxed and natural. The point is, whether gay, straight, or lesbian, it is what it is. “It’s as much a part of you as being Indian or Chinese,” says the director of the popular online series Human.

Singh further notes that a straight person is never called that repeatedly. “You never state anything like ‘this guy/girl is heterosexual.'” People are always making it the centre of attention. When people bring it up, I’m like, ‘it’s in the privacy of my bedroom, what does it even matter?’ It defines nothing about me other than the fact that it is who I am. “I don’t bring it into a room because it’s not something I need to declare every time I walk in,” he explains.

His fashion choices have also been unconventional. And he admits to fielding remarks for that purpose. “I’ve never used a stylist.” The truth is, I like fashion and understand it intellectually. I would be denying myself of the greatest joy in life if I did not style myself. I enjoy dressing up, but when I hear remarks like, ‘you are so different from other directors, they don’t dress like this,’ I think, ‘f**k that.’ I am going to express myself. I put forth more effort than everyone else in the unit. “My work needs to be characterised by how excellent or horrible it is, not by what I’m wearing,” Singh adds.

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