Namjoon, the leader of BTS, gets into a fight with ATEEZ's followers? Here is what transpired.

Street Man Fighter is a popular dance reality and competition show that Kim Namjoon, the leader of BTS, and the other members watch. K-Pop is well recognised for its choreography, as we all know. We Dem Boyz is one of the well-known bands there, and competitor Vata is quite well-liked. They performed on the brand-new song Sexy Nukim by RM, alias Kim Namjoon. As is well known, it was his collaboration with the independent Korean band Balming Tiger. RM’s segment is by far the best in the song, which has a nice beat. Fans went wild when he released a video of his emotions. He might be heard singing some of Sexy Nukim. Check out the video down below.

Fans who saw the video shared by RM said it was a thirst trap set by the BTS front man. We can hear him cheering them on, and singing lines from the hit number. It seems the dance group, We Dem Boyz and Vata is under fire for plagiarism. His New Thing choreography sequence is apparently inspired by Ateez’s song Say My Name. Fans of ATEEZ are upset with Kim Namjoon…

Even J-Hope enjoys watching the television programme Street Man Fighter. One of Korea’s most well-known underground dancers is Monika Shin. She likes Jung Hoseok as well.

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