Shah Rukh Khan and his family have been very quiet about the fact that his son Aryan Khan was arrested for drugs last year. In October, the Narcotics Control Bureau raided a cruise ship outside of Mumbai and arrested Aryan. He was held in jail for just under a month. The NCB recently cleared the 24-year-old in the case. In their list of charges, he was not one of the names. Also read: An old video shows Aryan Khan singing and playing guitar. Fans say, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile before this.”

But even though Shah Rukh’s family hasn’t said anything about what happened during those days, an NCB worker recently told the public what a very upset Shah Rukh told him during the investigation. The NCB’s deputy director of operations, Sanjay Singh, was in charge of the Special Investigations Team (SIT), which was put together to look into this case. During the investigations, Singh talked to both Aryan and Shah Rukh.

Sanjay Singh recently told India Today that Shah Rukh Khan met with him while Aryan was in custody and asked about his physical and mental health. He asked if he could meet Aryan and spend the night with him, but he wasn’t allowed to. Sanjay Singh said that Shah Rukh said his son was being “vilified” without proof. Sanjay said that during one of their talks, Shah Rukh told him with tears in his eyes, “We’ve been portrayed as big criminals or monsters who want to destroy society, and it’s hard for us to go to work every day.”

In the end, Aryan was let out on bail in November. The case became political when many famous people and political leaders said that the NCB was going after Aryan to bother Shah Rukh. When the NCB filed their chargesheet on May 28, it said that no drugs were found on Aryan during the investigations. This cleared him of any wrongdoing.

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