The upcoming film Nikamma that Abhimanyu Dassani is a part of is keeping him very busy with the promotion of the film. However, the actor and his co-star Shirley Setia were surprised by the fact that they were ‘shut out’ of their own event. This turn of events was an unanticipated occurrence. The actor, who is also the actor Bhagyashree’s son, published a video on his Instagram account and referred to it as a “true narrative” of his “actual life.”

Abhimanyu can be seen in the video explaining to a security guard that he is an actor and that he is present for the promotion of a film; yet, he is not permitted to enter the venue. It would appear that this was not the first time the actor had this problem, as he was unable to enter his own event.

The D Y Patil Stadium in Mumbai played host to the promotional activity that took place there. The title tune from Nikamma got the students moving and grooving at the occasion.

A superheroine by the name of Avni is played by Shilpa Shetty, who also stars in the movie. In the promotional material for the movie, the actor was described as being the “most stunning villain who is a blend of Thunder Woman and Manjulika.” The ‘nikamma,’ portrayed by Abhimanyu, undergoes a transformation into a hero in order to defend Shilpa when the superhero is threatened by a hitman.

Other performers such as Sunil Grover, Sameer Soni, Deepraj Rana, and Naren Kumar also appear in the film, which was directed by Sabbir Khan.

On June 17, the movie will be available to watch in theatres.

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