Rocketry: The Nambi Effect marks R Madhavan’s directorial debut, ushering in a new chapter in his career. In addition to directing, writing, and producing, he also plays the lead role in the film. And he appeared to have had complete support from the Indian film industry in order to complete his ambitious biopic film on Nambi Narayanan, a former scientist and aerospace engineer with the Indian Space Research Organisation.

Madhavan recently revealed how Shah Rukh Khan and Suriya played key cameo roles in Rocketry without paying him for the hours he spent on set. “Neither Suriya nor (Shah Rukh) Khan sahab charged a fee for the film.” They didn’t even charge for the caravans, costumes, or helpers. Suriya paid for his own flight to Mumbai to film with his crew. He didn’t even pay for the flights or the dialogue writer who translated his lines into Tamil,” Madhavan had previously stated.

It’s worth noting that Shah Rukh and Suriya have a history of appearing in films about their friends for free. Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan revealed that Shah Rukh Khan appeared in the period film Hey Ram for an extended period of time. SRK played a pivotal role in the film, Amjad Ali Khan, who changes the course of the hero’s journey by transforming the latter’s hatred into love. “SRK did that film just for a wristwatch,” Kamal had previously stated.

SRK has made no secret of his feelings for Kamal. SRK said at an award show in Chennai, “I met Kamal sir at a friend’s wedding.” I returned home and told my family and friends, “You know what I did to him (Kamal), and now I can pass away and die.”

Suriya recently joined the elite club of SRK by making a cameo appearance in Vikram purely out of love for Kamal. Suriya made a surprise appearance as Rolex in the blockbuster film and became something of a sensation. In exchange, Kamal gave Suriya a Rolex wristwatch for a memorable cameo in Vikram.

Meanwhile, on July 1, Rocketry will be released in multiple languages at the same time.

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