Pat Sajak, the host of Wheel of Fortune, says 'no, no, no' to contestant Mary Ann. This is why:

In the latest episode, host Pat Sajak said ‘no’ a couple of times to a contestant on the show. Mary Ann landed on the one-million-dollar wedge after spinning the wheel. However, when she excitedly exclaimed Oh, my God! Sajak loudly interjected with ‘No, no, no, ba-ba-bop!’

On Tuesday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, host Pat Sajak chastised a contestant for attempting to claim a prize too soon. When Mary Ann spun the wheel and landed on the million-dollar wedge, she exclaimed, “Oh, my God!” and reached for the prize. Sajak quickly interrupted with a resounding ‘No, no, no, ba-ba-bop!’ to remind her of the ground rules. Before continuing with the game, the host cautioned the overeager player. Many fans responded to the video on social media.

“Pat Sajak: DON’T TOUCH THAT!!!” read the caption on the official Wheel of Fortune Instagram page. Pat chastised a contestant named Mary in the video after she landed on the one million dollar wedge and exclaimed, “Oh my…” before reaching for the prize.

Pat abruptly cut her off with a firm “No, no, no, ba-ba-bop” and told Mary to call a letter instead. When Mary yelled “H,” Pat replied that there were two Hs and let her pick up the wedge. The audience applauded as Mary smiled and picked up the coveted prize. Pat concluded, “When you put a million dollars in front of someone, they just get goofy.”

In response to the video, one fan wrote, “When did he say “DON’T TOUCH THAT!”? It appears that Pat was just being Pat… “I’m not “snapping” at anyone.” “Pat was just giving a friendly reminder of the rules the people who think otherwise couldn’t make it in the 80s I’m like pat old folks rule,” another fan said. “It’s okay to get a little excited when your wheel hits the Million Dollar Wedge!!” said another fan.

“She missed an opportunity to get that wedge and keep it!” wrote one fan. “Pat invented a new language (laughing emoji),” one person added. “I don’t hear any snapping. I mean, it’s good for the show that we’re here commenting…but he didn’t snap at her.

Wheel of Fortune is a popular American television game show that has been entertaining audiences for over four decades. The show first aired in 1975 and has since become a name in American households. The game is based on Hangman, where contestants try to solve word puzzles by guessing letters and phrases. The show is known for its iconic wheel, where contestants spin to determine the value of their guesses.

The show has had a few different hosts over the years, but it is most commonly associated with Pat Sajak and Vanna White, who have been hosting the show since the early 1980s. They have become beloved figures in American pop culture, known for their witty banter and friendly rapport.

“When you put a million dollars in front of someone, they just goof off,” he said.

The shocking moment was shared on the official “Wheel of Fortune” social media accounts.

“No one: [Blank] Pat Sajak: DON’T TOUCH THAT!!!” read the caption.

“Wheel of Fortune” viewers reacted quickly to the contestant’s gaffe, as well as Sajak’s reaction.

“Wow! Lmao! What triggered you?” a fan wrote.

“I don’t see anything wrong with what he did; he was right,” another fan said.

Viewers were also irritated by Mary Ann’s habit of repeatedly purchasing vowels and spinning without attempting to solve the puzzles.

“Hey Mary Ann, are you just going to buy vowels for the other contestants all night?” one Twitter user wondered.

“I HATE these people who won’t just SOLVE THE F—-ING PUZZLE!” yelled one irate fan.

Following Mary Ann’s use of this strategy, another Twitter user commented, “It didn’t work the last two puzzles a—hole and ya lost your million!”

This was not the first time that a contestant’s error was noticed by ardent fans.

“People always make that mistake,” read one comment.

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