Potomac's Real Housewives Katie Rost admits to relapsing: 'I decided to stop using drugs and having sex, but.....'

Katie Post, the Real Housewives of Potomac star, updated her fans on her ‘health’ situation. She claimed to have’relapsed’ while attempting to abstain from drugs and sex. Her fans rushed to the comment section to wish her a’speedy recovery.’

Katie Rost, a TV actor, took to Twitter to share an update on her health. She admitted to’relapsing’ when she tried her hardest to avoid drugs and sex. She also mentioned that she has begun her’recovery’ mode. Katie was a full-time housewife on Real Housewives of Potomac for only one season, and it appeared that she was not in the best of mental health at the time. She has been open about her efforts to improve her mental health over the years. Her fans and celebrity friends responded to her tweet with well-wishes for a speedy recovery.

Katie wrote on Twitter last week, “I relapsed, I had decided to abstain from drugs, white claw and Adderall, and sex, tonight I failed in one of these. I did what I was supposed to do and went to a meeting right away. But, yes, I’m starting over: day one.” She used the hashtag’recovery’. “Well done, Katie,” actor Ross Mullan said. Recovery is not always a straight line. When we slip, it can be difficult, but try not to beat yourself up. It’s time to love yourself. I wish you the best.” “One step at a time, Katie, we all support you,” singer Jack Remmington wrote. “Pulling for you,” anchor Latoya Silmon said. “It’s okay,” Miss Val wrote. You were courageous in being open about your relapse. You are adored and cherished.

One of Katie’s fans commented on the post, saying, “Relapse is a part of recovery babe. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can learn from it, identify what triggered you, and work on it. I have faith in you. Recovery is difficult, but you’re honest with yourself and with us all, and standing in your truth is crucial when recovering.” “Thank you, it’s not the end of the world, I’m fine,” she replied. But because I’m always an addict, it’s heartbreaking to return, especially after feeling so brave. Man, the best gifts I’ve ever received are this: go to a meeting.”

“The important thing is that you were honest with yourself and didn’t try to rationalise it as insignificant,” another fan said. Best wishes on day one and all of them!” “Thank you sister, uggggg it’s tough, nothing epic bad, but yeah,” she replied. It’s difficult to admit that I relapsed.”

When the Bravo show RHOP premiered in 2016, Rost became a main cast member, but has only made infrequent appearances as a guest or ‘Friend’ of the Housewives. She is known for her unpredictable conduct on the show, such as when she vanished during a season 4 group trip to the Cayman Islands in 2019.

Rost told her fans on Wednesday that she was feeling “kinda fly for a day 1 girl” and that she “can’t wait to be back to work” the next day. On Thursday, she posted a selfie from what appeared to be her job at a local food Co-op, along with a thank you note.

“I’m just genuinely happy,” Rost said. “I used to be suspicious when I saw people smiling and happy::: Now I’m that person; so yeah! I identify as a hippie. Take care of it.”

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