Priyanka Chopra explains the significance of her and Nick Jonas' matching tattoos: 'When he proposed to me...'

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were engaged in July 2018 and married in Rajasthan in December 2018. The couple had their first child, a baby girl named Malti Marie Chopra jonas, via surrogacy in January 2022. Priyanka Chopra revealed in a new interview that she and Nick Jonas have matching tattoos. Priyanka also explained the significance of their tattoos.

Priyanka Chopra spoke about how their tattoos’ design was inspired by Nick’s proposal to her. The actor also spoke about her other tattoos – which include one on the side of her wrist that features ‘Daddy’s lil girl’ written in her late father’s handwriting, three paw prints for her pet dogs, and a map of the world on her arm.

In an interview with British Vogue, Priyanka said, “Behind my ears, I have a check and a box. My husband is carrying them on his arms. When he proposed, he asked if I had checked all of his boxes and if I would check another.” Priyanka also mentioned her other tattoo, a map of the world on her arm, saying, “When I put my arm down, India’s right next to my heart.”

Priyanka had appeared on the cover of British Vogue’s February issue, where Malti Marie Chopra Jonas had joined her mother for one of the magazine’s photos. Priyanka and Malti were both dressed in red as they posed in front of a red backdrop in their sweet photo. Priyanka addressed the criticism she and her husband have received for opting for surrogacy in the same interview. She went on to discuss how she was accused by some of ‘outsourcing’ her pregnancy in order to focus on her career.

Earlier this month, Priyanka and Nick had hosted a celebration at their Los Angeles home to mark Malti’s first birthday. Last week, Priyanka had shared photos from her and Nick Jonas’ family trip with Malti to Malibu, California. In one of the photos, Priyanka and the actor-singer smiled together as they posed in front of the ocean, while the actor held her daughter, whose face was covered by a white heart emoji.

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