Inside the house, Bigg Boss 16 contestants Priyanka Choudhary and Shiv Thakare got into a heated argument. ColorsTV posted a short clip of the duo shouting at each other on Instagram on Tuesday. Bigg Boss assigned the housemates the task of removing rings from Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia’s board in order for her to step down as captain and forfeit her ticket to the finale. Shiv, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, and MC Stan came out in support of Nimrit. Shiv disagreed with what Priyanka said about Nimrit, whom she referred to as ‘jhoota insaan’.

The promo was shared on the channel’s social media accounts with the caption, “Nimrit ki captaincy par utha sawaal, kya woh kho degi apna #TicketToFinaleWeek? (Contestants questioned Nimrit’s captaincy; will this result in a loss of the Ticket to the Finals)?”


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“Aap sabhi baatchit kar Nimrit ko captaincy aur ticket to finale week ki haqdaari se nikaalne ke liye das rings nikaalne honge (You all have to talk among yourselves whether you want Nimrit to step down from the captaincy and take exist from Ticket to Finale week),” Bigg Boss said in the promo. “Kukudo baja hai kaayi baar,” Tina Datta said, “the cock’s sound was played a couple of times.” “Kal bathroom saaf nhi hua (Yesterday, the washroom was left unclean),” Archana Gautam can be heard saying.

“Shiv aap bas dosti nibhaate rahiye, hume apna game khelna hai ticket to finale week itna easy kissi ke liye nhi hoga (Shiv, keep supporting your friends, I’ll play my game, ticket to finale week won’t be so easy for everyone),” she said later. Priyanka moved closer to Sumbul in order to remove the rings from the wall.

“Tumhaari tarah nhi jo ladkiyu ke liye ganda bolti hoon (I am not like you, who speaks negatively about women),” Priyanka told Shiv. Shiv turned around and said, “Ladkiyu pe tum jaate ho (You talk about women).” “Tum sirf chamche rakhte ho, dost nhi rakhte ho,” he continued, “you keep people who please you and work according to what you say, you don’t keep friends.” “Jhoota insaan, jhoota insaan (You are a liar, you are a liar),” Priyanka yelled. “Nikaalon teri baatein, game mat khelo (Shall I reveal what you have said, don’t play with us),” MC said to Priyanka.

Reacting to the clip, one person commented, “Priyanka always ready to win.” “Shiv Thakare supports only valid points, which is Archana’s point,” another fan said. Mandali also has a very high loyalty bar. They are not as self-centered as others. ” “Kitni giregi Priyanka” (To what level will Priyanka stoop) wrote another fan. “Priyanka bang on yar, bandi akeli pure mandali pe bhari padi” (Priyanka smashed it, she handled the entire group by herself).

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