Protests against Sajid Khan's involvement in the Bigg Boss 16 publicity stunt are described by Rakhi Sawant as: 'Woh aatmahatya karlega'

Rakhi Sawant has threatened that if Sajid Khan is hated by everyone, he will commit himself. Rakhi said those who protested Sajid’s participation on Bigg Boss 16 a “publicity stunt.”

Rakhi Sawant, an actress, has come out in support of MeToo accused filmmaker Sajid Khan, begging with people to let him live. Rakhi’s videos have gone viral, in which she warns people that Sajid Khan would commit suicide as a result of their anger. Rakhi became emotional when she stated that, despite the fact that Sajid is not connected to her, she feels compassion for him out of humanity. Rakhi described people who objected to Sajid’s participation in the reality show Bigg Boss 16 a “publicity stunt.” Rakhi spoke to journalists outside an airport.

Rakhi remarked in Hindi and English in an Instagram video, “Frankly speaking, Sajid Khan has received the punishment in the last four years of his life.” Why didn’t anyone raise their voices? Bigg Boss mein woh gaya, Bigg Boss mein woh highlight horahe hai isliye log behti Ganga mein haath dhona chahte hai isliye log behti Ganga mein haath dhona chahte hai isliye log I can’t say whether he’s guilty or innocent because I don’t know. He didn’t work for four years.”

Rakhi further stated, “I believe he is no longer guilty because he has already gone four years without working. I believe people are after him because he went to Bigg Boss for a publicity stunt. They should be ashamed. People should give him the opportunity to start over.” She claimed that Bigg Boss exclusively accepts ‘controversial people’ as competitors. Rakhi further promised that if she appears on Bigg Boss, she will ask Sajid whether the allegations against him are real or not.

“Sajid Khan, mera koi nahi lagta, but ek insaniyat ke naate us banda aatmahatya karle uske pehle usko zindagi jeelene do yaar,” Rakhi remarked, her voice choking. Warne woh banda aatmahatya karlega agar desh ki taraf se usko itni nafrat milegi banda aatmahatya karlega agar desh ki taraf se usko itni nafrat milegi banda aatmahatya karlega Please, if aap log sab milke usko itni nafrat karoge toh, usko jeene do. Log in usko jeene do. Sajid Khan chaar saaal saza bhugat chuka hai, kisine uske saath kaam nahi kiya hai) He will commit himself if he receives so much hatred from the country. In the last four years, he has received punishment and has not worked.

Sajid was embroiled in the #MeToo movement in 2018 after nine women in the industry who worked with him on various projects accused him of sexual harassment. Following the claims, Sajid chose to assume the’moral responsibility of standing down’ from his position as director of Houseful 4, according to the newspaper.

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