Rakhi Sawant accuses Adil Khan Durrani of failing to pay for her mother's surgery: 'Meri ma ko tumne mara hai,' says the speaker.

Rakhi Sawant, an actress, has made several allegations against her husband, Adil Khan Durrani. Rakhi accused Adil of failing to pay for her mother Jaya Bheda’s treatment in a press conference on Monday. She also claimed that Adil was responsible for her mother’s death. Rakhi also stated that Adil informed her that he had broken up with her and was now living with his alleged girlfriend Tanu.

Rakhi said in a video shared by a news reporters on Instagram, “Adil ne finally decision leliya hai ki woh Tanu ke saath rahenge. ‘Main ja raha hoon tumhe chor ke, Tanu ke paas,’ kal mujhe bol diya unhone ki. Main uske saath rahunga’ (Adil has finally decided that he will remain with Tanu. ‘I’m leaving you and going to Tanu,’ he said yesterday. ‘I’ll live with her.'”

Rakhi went on to say, “Tumne ma ko tumne mara hai. If meri ma ka time pe ilaaj hogaya hota, shayad nahi marti. (Sobs) Kahi na nahi chora… You have killed my mother, raste pe la diya, kangal kardiya tumne (You have killed my mother. If my mother’s treatment had been completed on time, she might not have died. You’ve left me with no choice… You’ve thrown me out on the streets and robbed me).”

Rakhi revealed to Waahiid Ali Khan that before entering the Bigg Boss Marathi house, she gave Adil a 10 lakh cheque in case her mother needed anything. She stated that when she left the show, her mother was in the hospital battling cancer.

Rakhi stated, “Meri dam tod rahi hai hospital mein. Bank mein, account mein bawajood hone, isne mere ma k kharche k liye nahi diye… What is your maiden name? Adil Khan Durrani marries his wife. Us waqt time pe mere ma ka ek chota surgery tha, us waqt paese dediya hota, mera hi paese uska apna nahi mera hi paese uska apna nahi. Woh toh ek bhikari hai, uske paas toh kuch nahi hai (My mother was in the hospital and was in pain. There was money in the account, but he refused to pay for the expenses… What happened to my mother? As a result of Adil Khan Durrani. It would have been my money if he had given me money for a minor surgery. He is a beggar, and he has nothing).”

Rakhi commented on Tanu, saying, “They said “I love you” and had a physical relationship. I have the hotel bills and their airline tickets. ‘Did you not feel ashamed that you were having an affair with a married man?’ I asked the girl. ‘Mera dil agaya (I fell for him),’ she said. ‘Yes, I had an affair, I made a mistake,’ Adil ne kaha (said). Please allow me some time’.” Rakhi also claimed that Adil fled their home with four lakh rupees and her mother’s jewellery. Rakhi has also stated that she will seek legal counsel.

Rakhi announced her engagement to boyfriend Adil Khan in January. She stated that her secret wedding occurred on July 2, last year.

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