Rakul Preet Singh recalls her father forcing her to burn a 500 note on Diwali: 'I haven't exploded crackers since

Rakul Preet Singh revealed that her father once requested her to burn a $500 bill to teach her a lesson. Continue reading to find out what that lesson was.

When her father observed her exploding crackers, he urged her to burn a 500 note, according to Rakul Preet Singh. Rakul recalls being with her father on Diwali when he chose to tell her why she should avoid bursting crackers.

Rakul was speaking in a Diwali-themed interview, during which she stated that she stopped bursting crackers when she was in fifth grade. Rakul recalled that she had last set off fireworks on Diwali when she was about nine years old.

“It was an unforgettable Diwali.” My father handed me a $500 bill and told me to burn it. I was taken aback and inquired why he was asking me to do such a thing. ‘But that is exactly what you are doing,’ he said. You buy crackers and then burst them. “What if you spend the money on chocolates and distribute them to the needy?” Rakul suggested to Dainik Bhaskar.

“I must have been a 9 or 10 year old girl,” she added. I recall going to the sweet shop, purchasing sweets, and distributing them to the homeless. I felt a different type of bliss that day, and I haven’t popped crackers since.”

Rakul, who was last seen in Doctor G, will be back in theatres on October 25th with Indra Kumar’s Thank God. The film, which stars Ajay Devgn and Sidharth Malhotra in prominent parts, has had a solid box office beginning, grossing more than 8 crore.

Rakul recently attended an Ekta Kapoor-hosted Diwali celebration.

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