Rana Daggubati showed that he is one of the coolest actors when he calmly shut down a troll who made an offensive comment about him being in the upcoming movie “Virata Parvam.” An online user wrote, “Quoting an insensitive comment on the new poster for “Virata Parvam,” “What, these people can’t even make movies that are up to par for their own banner? Rana’s face is cut off so that Sai Pallavi’s can stand out. Rana’s style might be to try to sell a movie by showing a picture of its heroine “.

Since Rana’s family-run production company was also dragged into the situation, the Twitter user’s comment is not only pointless, but also rude. The Telugu actor taught the troll a lesson and took care of the situation calmly and well. Rana wrote on his Twitter page, “It is a privilege to be humble and let the film get the attention it deserves because of the well-written role of the heroine. I’m able to do so many great things because it’s my own flag.”

About Virata Parvam
The buzz about the upcoming Telugu movie with Rana Daggubati and Sai Pallavi has been huge on social media. The movie “Virata Parvam” comes out in theatres on June 17, and the trailer for it will be shown in theatres on June 5. Venu Udugula wrote and directed this drama set in the past. Sai Pallavi recently posted a poster for Virata Parvam and wrote, “Love makes you crazy, and on June 5, we’ll give you a glimpse of their madness.”

The movie is based on real events from the 1990s and takes place in Andhra Pradesh during the time of Naxalism. It’s about how Comrade Ravanna (Rana Daggubati) and his admirer Vennela (Sai Pallavi), who is also his wife, fell in love.

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