Ranvir Shorey wants Elon Musk to listen to him when it comes to running Twitter: 'I've been coming here almost every day for over a decade

Twitter has been undergoing significant change since Elon Musk purchased the social media platform. The introduction and subsequent withdrawal of Twitter Blue service, as well as the firing of thousands of employees, have harmed the company’s reputation. On Saturday, actor Ranvir Shorey made a lighthearted suggestion to the business magnate that he seek advice from regular Twitter users like himself on how to make the platform run more smoothly.

Taking to Twitter, Ranvir wrote on Saturday afternoon, “I take a break for two days and @twitter starts having a meltdown. @elonmusk should take advice from people like me who’ve been here almost everyday for more than a decade. (wink emoji).” While Ranvir did not explicitly mention it, his tweet seemed to reference the drama around the Twitter Blue scheme introduced by Elon Musk, which lasted barely a few days before being withdrawn after impersonation fears. Under the new scheme, several accounts impersonating large corporations bought blue ticks and tweeted sarcastic announcements, which led to several companies losing billions of dollars.

Reacting to Ranvir’s tweet, one fan replied, “Who knows he might be reading and considering your tweets. At least you are expressing your thoughts but most of “Gyani” doesn’t even know WTF is going on with Twitter.” Another wrote, “Yes. Do try to meet him in person during some of your overseas visits. Aap usko emphasise karna ki jab aapne itne acchhe solid meaningful content ki movies kari hain to usko ideas bhi utne hi acchhe doge. (Emphasise that when you do such solid content films, your ideas will be just as good).”

Ranvir, who has been a Twitter user for over a decade, tweets on a regular basis and interacts with both fans and trolls. The actor was most recently seen in Rajat Kapoor’s RK/RKay, which was released earlier this year.

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