Raven Ross reacts to being in contact with ex-boyfriend SK Alagbada following their breakup: 'No, because we're moving on'

Raven Ross, who appeared on the third season of Love Is Blind: After the Altar, revealed that she and SK Alagbada are no longer in contact. Raven and SK split up after Raven discovered SK’s infidelity. Raven stated that they had both moved on and had not communicated since.

Ross Raven has been experiencing a wide range of intense emotions since the start of Love Is Blind’s third season, largely as a result of the public disclosure of her failed relationship with SK Alagbada due to his infidelity on After the Altar. She responded to a fan’s question about her current communication with her former partner during a Live session on Monday, indicating that they are no longer in contact and have moved on since their breakup.

She answered a fan’s question about her contact with her ex-partner SK Alagbada on Monday’s Amazon Live. “Not Voldemort,” she joked, referring to Harry Potter’s antagonist. “Not recently, because we’re progressing, right? Chapter two. So, who requires it?” The couple split up in November after becoming engaged for the second time, amid allegations that SK was unfaithful.

During an interview with podcast host Nick Viall, Ross Raven described how she discovered Alagbada’s infidelity through multiple women. She remembered, “It all started when he met a girl in San Francisco. Like everyone else, I found out about it on TikTok just before Thanksgiving. He was away at school at the time, while I was in Dallas.”

According to Ross, people began sending her TikTok videos of women and asking if she had seen them. She revealed that after watching the video several times, she realised her ex-partner had sent identical pictures to both of them.

People began sending Ross TikTok videos of girls and asking if she had considered them, according to Ross. She revealed that after watching the video several times, she realised her then-partner had sent similar footage to each of them. “It was actually verbatim, the identical precise selfie, the identical precise phrases,” she went on to say. “I thought we had the best foundation, and I trusted him with everything.”

Ross claimed that she and SK stayed in touch after their breakup because he had a significant impact on her life. “For people who are going through a similar situation, my biggest takeaway was: never ignore your gut feelings and speak up,” Ross said in an interview with E! News. I used to avoid difficult conversations, and that hasn’t served me well. So, it’s difficult to do now, but you’ll have so many more answers later. Simply speak from the heart.”

Love Is Blind star Raven Ross opens up about next ‘chapter’ after SK Alagbada breakup:

Raven Ross, the star of Love Is Blind, has revealed that she is ready for a new “chapter” after her divorce from SK Alagbada.

During an Amazon Live broadcast on Monday, the pilates instructor revealed where she stands with Alagbada. The couple announced their split in November after multiple women accused the data engineer of cheating on Ross on social media.

einsteineruploading up to get together with. They previously failed to walk down the aisle during the show’s third season. Ross tearfully confirmed that Alagbada had cheated on her at the end of the February special.

During the Amazon Live, a fan asked Ross if she’d kept in touch with her ex, presumably Alagbada.

According to People, she said, “Not Voldemort,” referring to the antagonist in the Harry Potter series. “No, I’m not serious. Not recently, because we’re progressing, right? Chapter two. So who requires it?”

Ross first revealed last month that she was back on the dating scene and has a new romance in her life.

“I’ve gone on quite a few dates [since SK],” she told People in an interview. “Actually, the guy I’m dating now messaged me on Instagram. It is still relatively new. But, knock on wood, things are going well.”

She admitted that even though her new boyfriend didn’t “really see or follow” the social media drama involving her and Alagbada, she still had “lots of hard conversations” with him.

“I believe he saw the show,” she explained. “I’ve had to explain a lot of things, and it’s not easy. That’s extremely awkward. But it’s only brought us closer together so far, so things are going swimmingly. We shall see.”

Ross later revealed on Amazon Live that she isn’t quite ready to show off her new love interest on social media.

“Eventually, down the road,” she explained when a fan asked her about her partner. “We’re working on it. He’s such a wonderful person, and I’m completely smitten.

She went on to say that she is currently in her “privacy-girl era,” but that “when the time comes, it’s on, and we’re going to do it.”

Ross also provided some insightful knowledge and advice about dating again after a breakup in an interview with E! News in February.

“My biggest takeaway for people going through a similar situation was: never ignore your gut feelings and speak up,” she said. “I used to be someone who avoided difficult conversations, and that hasn’t served me well. So, it’s difficult to do now, but you’ll have so many more answers later.”

During an interview with People earlier this month, Alagbada spoke publicly about the cheating allegations levelled against him. He explained that, while he would not “argue about who did what” or go on a “apology tour,” he still wanted to apologise to Ross.

“It’s really about me owning my actions and accepting responsibility, as well as just taking what I’ve learned from this experience, and I’ll continue to learn and grow as a person,” he explained. “I want to express my heartfelt regret to Raven for causing her such pain and embarrassment. I’m not pleased with how I conducted myself. I conducted myself in such a way that it has caused me to take a step back and reflect.”

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