Rupali Ganguly has come a long way—from busing tables to being the highest-paid television actress. The actress, whose television series Anupamaa has made her a household name, began acting when she was just 12 years old. She made some shocking revelations when reflecting on her journey thus far, which increased fan respect for her. Rupali recently disclosed that her journey was not easy and was full of challenges. She has experienced everything, from dealing with professional failures to handling financial difficulties.

Rupali spoke at length about her father and how he was both his biggest supporter and critic while interacting with the Humans of Bombay. “Papa was a national award-winning director and my biggest hero,” she remarked. When his movies first came out, people admired Rajesh Khanna and other actors, but I would proclaim, “Papa is the real star!” I would visit his sets after school. Watching him meticulously craft each frame… I was entranced. Heroine kaise ban gayi, pata hi nahi chala, iss bich! When an actress pulled out of Papa’s movie, he cast me instead. I suddenly got the acting bug when I was 12 years old.

Rupali discussed the financial crisis and how she took on various jobs during that time. “But Papa soon had two flops. We entered a difficult period, and my dream was put on hold. I worked in a boutique, catered events, and even waited tables. I once worked as a waiter for Papa at a gathering! I also worked in advertising; my husband, Ashwin, and I met there.

She was grateful to her husband Ashwin for his unwavering support. She also discussed the bond she has with her co-stars, how her popular television series Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai gave her friends for life, and what kept her out of the spotlight prior to doing Anupamaa. “I shocked people by taking a break at the height of my career. I didn’t regret it, though. Having been told I would never become pregnant, it was a blessing to see my son take his first steps. For the next six years, family came first.”

She also explained how Anupamaa came to be her project. Sadly, I lost my papa during this time. When I was presented with Anupamaa, I was still in mourning. It’s high time you received your due as an actor, Ashwin urged me. You go there, and I’ll take care of the rest. But I hesitated. I therefore went to Rajan Shahi, my producer, whom I greatly trusted, and requested time to get in shape. I wanted to be a heroine, but he said, “I want a mother!” The show is what it is due to his conviction. I felt a strong connection to Papa while I was on the Anupamaa sets! He would have written a story like that, one with a strong female protagonist.

And the love I’ve gotten from people of all ages and backgrounds… It’s so intimidating. I try my best every day to live up to it. I hope Papa is grinning at me from above!” Finally, Rupali said.

Many people who aspire to achieve greatness in life will undoubtedly find inspiration in Rupali’s journey. The actress is currently enjoying the success of her television series Anupoamaa, in which she portrays the title character.

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