Salman Khan 'exposes' Gautam Singh Vig in front of Soundarya Sharma on Bigg Boss 16, and she confronts him in tears Watch

The upcoming Bigg Boss 16 episode features a lot of drama inside the house. On Fridays and Saturdays, host Salman Khan takes over to talk to the contestants about their week and clear the air. He’ll be telling Soundarya Sharma some harsh truths about fellow housemate Gautam Singh Vig, whom she considers a friend, this weekend. Later, Soundarya sobs as she confronts Gautam about the video Salman shows her.

On Saturday, Bigg Boss’ official Twitter handle shared a promo for the upcoming episode on the platform. Salman was ‘exposing’ Gautam in front of Soundarya, according to the video’s caption. “I want to show you something, Soundarya,” Salman says in Hindi at the start of the video. The video then cuts to footage from inside the Bigg Boss House, where Gautam is sitting with other contestants who are mocking and calling Soundarya names. “The person you were defending did not stand up for you,” Salman says to Soundarya as the video ends.

The video continues with a tearful Soundarya confronting Gautam. “Your friends were making fun of me in front of you,” she screams at Gautam, fighting back tears. “But I didn’t say anything,” Gautam responds, to which Soundarya responds, “But you should have said something, Gautam.” If my father had been present, he would have slapped them. You should have fought for my honour, Meri izzat to rakh dete.” Gautam is rendered speechless as a result of this.

This season, Soundarya and Gautam have become close, with some fans even’shipping’ them and hoping they end up together. However, this latest twist may jeopardise their relationship. The episode of Shanivaar ka Vaar will air on Friday night. Bigg Boss 16 airs on Colors TV and Voot every evening, with host Salman Khan appearing on Fridays and Saturdays.

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