Salman Khan is criticised by Sona Mohapatra for assisting Sajid Khan in Bigg Boss and "whitewashing his own toxic masculinity."

Sona Mohapatra, a singer, has criticised Salman Khan for allegedly “whitewashing” Sajid Khan by allowing him to appear on the reality series Bigg Boss 16, which he hosts.

Salman Khan, an actor and Bigg Boss presenter, has come under fire from Sona Mohapatra on social media. The singer said that the host of the well-known reality programme, which featured MeToo-accused Sajid Khan as a competitor, was guilty of “whitewashing” Khan. Sona mentioned in her most recent tweet that she has previously had Twitter arguments with Salman.

“Whitewashing his own toxic masculinity for aeons with #BeingHuman while being anything but,” Sona Mohapatra tweeted on Wednesday in reference to Salman and his charitable organisation Being Human. Whitewashing in the BRO-HOOD carries on. Saif Khan. (In addition, his giving out watches, food trucks, and surgeries is just more virtue signalling.)

Sona has previously expressed her disapproval of Sajid’s participation in Bigg Boss 16. Sajid Khan might be seen right now on a reality TV programme. Then there is #AnuMalik, who is a judge on a children’s music reality TV programme. #KailashKher? TV celebrity judge. MANY, MANY women in the #IndiaMeToo movement called them out. When the news of Sajid’s participation first surfaced earlier this month, she wrote, “Indian TV channels, execs are definitely a depraved and miserable lot.

A few years ago, during the height of India’s MeToo movement, Sajid Khan, a director best known for the Housefull series, was the target of several sexual assault and harassment charges made by a number of women. As a result, the director was fired from Housefull 4 and Farhad Samji took his place.

Sajid is accused of sexual assault for allegedly watching porn in front of women, flashing his privates at parties, requesting nude photos from female actors during the casting process, and more. His participation in Bigg Boss has drawn criticism for serving as a form of rehabilitation for him and for being upsetting to the many women who spoke out against him.

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