Salman Khan scolds Sumbul Touqeer for not giving her all on Bigg Boss 16, saying, 'badi badi baatein kar ke gayi...'

Sumbul Touqeer is struggling in the Bigg Boss house, and even host Salman Khan has noticed. Salman schools Sumbul in the upcoming episode, accusing her of not giving her all inside the house. Sumbul, on the other hand, is one of the most popular Bigg Boss 16 contestants, as revealed by a recent Colors TV Twitter poll.

Salman addresses Sumbul and asks her what she has done in the house so far in a promo for the Friday ka Vaar episode shared on social media by Colors TV. “What have you done in this house?” says an enraged Salman in Hindi. Yahan se baatein karke gayi ki main badi strong hoon (You made tall claims here that you are very strong). You’re barely visible in this house. You don’t even pay attention to your parents.”

Then Salman says he wants to show Sumbul how much exposure she has on the show. He motions for her to get up and move back. He instructs her to continue moving backwards until she is out of the room and out of the frame. “This is how far you’ve gotten,” he continues.

Many viewers thought Salman’s intervention was essential for Sumbul. “Sumbul does need to hear from Salman to regain her senses,” one person wrote. The Sumbul in BB is not the Sumbul we are familiar with. Sumbul understands all of the housemates and is suppressing her rage like a pressure cooker about to explode!!” Others agreed that Salman was correct in bringing up her parents. Sumbul’s father appeared on the show two weeks ago and chastised her for failing to recognise how she is ‘being used’ by some of the housemates.

Fans of the actor, on the other hand, defended her, claiming that Salman was too harsh in his criticism. “They are not assigning her appropriate tasks. “It’s not her fault,” one person wrote. “Salman is too harsh,” said another. Sumbul is getting better.” Bigg Boss airs every day on Colors TV and Voot, with Salman’s episodes airing on Fridays and Saturdays.

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