Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s friendship has always been a big story. Salman made sure to promote Pathaan, Dunki, and Atlee’s Jawan whenever he could after Shah Rukh Khan announced them. The actor who hosted IIFA 2022 made sure to talk about Shah Rukh and his new movies on the main night of the show.

In a video, Salman joked that Shah Rukh Khan is the only man behind him in response to a question from Maniesh Paul.

“Mere peeche ek aadmi hai aur uska naam hai Shah Rukh Khan. Arre kabse mere peeche hai, kabse… (There’s only one man behind me, and his name is Shah Rukh Khan. He’s been behind me for a long time,” he said. He ended his sentence by saying, “Our Pathaan and our Jawan are ready” (Our Pathaan and our Jawan are ready). His comment made people laugh and get excited.

Salman said earlier this year when Pathaan would come out. Earlier this week, he also talked about Jawan. Pathaan will be Shah Rukh’s first movie in four years, and Jawan will be his first pan-Indian movie. Jawan is a movie that Atlee is going to direct, and it will come out on June 2, 2023.

Salman Khan brought up some of his favourite memories in a couple of other videos on Instagram. Salman cried in a video when he talked about how Suniel Shetty helped him in the beginning when he “didn’t have money.” As he told the story, he was seen giving Ayan Shetty a hug.

Later, he spoke about “devta samaan aadmi (God-like human)” Ramesh Taurani got his start in Bollywood with the help of Rs 5 lakhs. Salman made his first movie, Patthar Ke Phool, as a tribute to Taurani. Soon, he walked up to Boney Kapoor and thought about how he had helped him get his career back on track. “Boney Kapoor has been helpful to me my whole life. When the time wasn’t right, Boneyji made a movie called Wanted, which brought me back (When time was not in my favour, he gave me Wanted). Then he gave me No Entry, which brought Anil Kapoor back,” he joked.

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