Samantha Ruth Prabhu responds to a mean comment about 'losing her charm' after her illness, and Varun Dhawan also has a strong response.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Varun Dhawan responded to a news portal’s claim that she has lost her charm and is weak. She is currently suffering from myositis.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Varun Dhawan recently reacted to a report that she wasn’t glowing like she used to at the trailer launch of her upcoming film Shaakuntalam on Monday. Samantha is currently suffering from myositis, a condition that causes weak, painful, or aching muscles.

‘Feeling sad for Samantha,’ read the news portal’s tweet. She had lost her allure and radiance. Myositis hit her hard, making her weak again, just as everyone thought she was coming out of divorce strong and her professional life was on the rise. Samantha responded by writing, “I hope you never have to endure months of treatment and medication as I did… And here’s some love from me to brighten your day.”

Varun Dhawan also came to Samantha’s defence and responded to the tweet. “You don’t feel bad about anything, you just care about clickbait,” he wrote. Glow is also available in Instagram filters. Just met Sam, and believe me, she was radiant.”

One of Samantha’s fans also slammed such comments made on the actor’s look and the actor called her “beautiful”. “As someone who has an autoimmune disease and has gone through heaps of experimental treatments including steroids, with all the effects of illness & treatment that showed up visibly, these kinds of condescending remarks can feel brutal,” one Twitter user wrote. “I feel sorry for those who are blind.”

Samantha praised the user in her response, writing, “In a world where you can be anything… Be considerate!! @MeDamselDee “You are stunning.”

Samantha shared a few photos of herself from the trailer launch on Tuesday, along with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. “Take the first step in faith,” she wrote in the caption. You do not need to see the entire staircase; simply take the first step. -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This is exactly what we’ll do.”

Samantha made a long-awaited appearance at the Shaakuntalam trailer launch on Monday. She wore a cream saree, glasses, and held beads in her hand. The epic love story of Shakuntala and King Dushyant, played by Samantha and Dev Mohan, is central to Shaakuntalam. It is directed by Gunasekhar and will be released in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada on February 17th.

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