Like many other Bollywood celebrities, Sanjay Dutt practises a number of superstitions. It is well known that many of our A-List celebrities have access to pandits, astrologers, and spiritual experts whenever they need assistance. Sanjay Dutt is well renowned for his collection of high-end vehicles, which he regularly adds to. He had been fixated on name plates that read 4545, which adds up to 9. The field of entertainment is said to be related with the number 9. On the suggestion of his astrologer, Sanjay Dutt has chosen a different number combination, though.

According to a source, Pinkvilla “He was advised by Baba’s astrologer to modify the number from 4545 to 2999. Both personally and professionally, he will benefit from it.” Shamshera, his most recent film, did poorly at the box office. He received severe trolling for portraying a Pandit adversary. As observed in Shamshera, Hindu majority organisations protested the Tripund Tilak on him. According to a source, Pinkvilla has reserved a brand-new, high-end Mercedes that should arrive at his garage soon. However, the star’s new number is this time.

As July 29 is Sanjay Dutt’s birthday, the new number is 2999. He started working on Bhoomi on January 29, 2017, symbolising the beginning of a new life. He has a Porsche SUV, a two-seat Audi R8, and a Ferrari 599. They all have licence plates that read 45 45. He gave Maanyata a Rolls Royce Ghost with the licence plate 45 45 after she gave birth to his twins Shahraan and Iqra.

In Yash’s KGF 2, Sanjay Dutt was well-liked as Adheera. But the audience didn’t like the movie Shamshera, which starred Ranbir Kapoor and Vaani Kapoor.

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