Shalin Bhanot Leaves Soundarya Sharma Shocked As He Asks If She & Sajid Khan Are Dating, After Refuting Link Up Rumours – Watch

Shalin Bhanot asksShalin Bhanot asks Soundarya Sharma if she and Sajid Khan are dating after refuting link-up rumours. Watch

Bigg Boss 16 contestants are making more headlines than ever before. Since the show ended and the contestants moved into the BB house, they’ve been making public appearances at various parties. Recently, Sajid Khan, Soundarya Sharma, Shalin Bhanot, Shiv Thakare, and others Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia arrived at Shekhar Sumar’s, where they appear to be having a good time.

Now, an inside video has surfaced on the internet, and it’s making the rounds for some interesting reasons.

Previously, it was reported that Ms Sharma is dating her co-contestant and filmmaker Sajid. While the Ranchi Diaries actress recently denied it in a lengthy post, Shalin asked them on camera.

It all happened while Soundarya Sharma was filming a video for her Instagram story. Sajid Khan Khan appears in the video with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Shiv Thakare. When Ms Sharma attempts to capture memories, Shalin Bhanot appears from behind and asks, “Let’s make a little controversy?” Then he asks, “Are you guys dating?”

Shalin Bhanot’s unexpected question not only stuns Soundarya Sharma, but also causes her to stop shooting in the middle of the scene.

Watch the video below:

Soundarya Sharma recently took to her social media account to dismiss the link-up rumours. She left a long note. “These false stories linking me to Sajid have deeply hurt and disappointed me. As a friend, mentor, and elder brother, I have always admired him.

It’s upsetting that women are still subjected to link-up stories in this day and age. It’s past time for society to look at us through the narrow lens of who we’re dating and instead focus on what we’re accomplishing.”

 “A few journalists spread these stories because I couldn’t accommodate their interview requests. These stories have had an impact on me and my family, and I am considering legal action. “I hope to see more responsible media reporting in the future,” she added.

Returning to the subject, what are your thoughts? Please let us know.

Shalin asked, ‘Let’s make it controversial, are you guys dating?’ as she pointed the video at Shalin and Sajid. In response, Sajid and Soundarya asked Shalin to stop talking and she stopped filming the video.

Despite Shalin’s good intentions, the explosive question surprised Soundarya Sharma and Sajid Khan.
Since rumours of them dating surfaced on the internet, Soundarya and Sajid Khan have been in the spotlight. The two celebrities, who appeared on Salman Khan’s reality show, became the talk of the town after rumours surfaced that they were dating.

As the video has gone viral, netizens have been responding to Shalin’s question. “Shalin but everything aside, I really hope it’s just a rumour..soundarya deserves better,” one fan wrote.

“Kabhi kabhi mazak mazak me kafi log sach bol dete hai,” said another user.
Some even commented on how Soundarya addressed Sajid Khan in the video, writing, “She called Sajid “babe”?”
“Arrey #Soundarya called #Sajid “babes” and then said, “babes upar dekho” with her hands on his shoulder! Maine suna kya sirf?”

Soundarya recently responded to the rumours, saying she is hurt and upset because of what has been spread about her name, and she has refused to confirm any of those claims.

Shalin, who will be seen in Ekta Kapoor’s TV show Beqaboo, posted a video after the party thanking Shekhar Suman for his excellent hospitality.

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