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Shamita Shetty has left a cryptic message indicating whether or not she is dating actor Aamir Ali. She denied their dating rumours and described herself as “happy” and “single.” On Monday, she took to Instagram Stories to discuss the ‘narrow-minded assumptions of netizens.’ She chastised the people for fabricating a false narrative without conducting a cross-check. She stressed the importance of keeping an open mind and avoiding making snap judgements. Shamita and Aamir’s mushy video of them kissing and hugging surfaced.

“I’m perplexed by society and its convenient prudish mindset all over,” Shamita wrote. Why is every action and every person scrutinised or judged without a reality check? There are possibilities beyond the NETIZENS’ narrow-minded assumptions; it’s past time we opened our minds to them! Let’s focus on more important issues in this country while we’re single and happy.”

A news reporters account posted a video of Shamita and Aamir Ali from their night out on Instagram. She wore a stylish white top with a black leather mini skirt. She was holding a silver glittery clutch. She wore leather shoes and left her hair untied as she posed for photographers stationed outside a restaurant. Aamir fled quietly as she paused to pose for the camera. He appeared moments later and hugged Shamita. People gathered to photograph the two as they posed near a car. Finally, Aamir kissed her as she sat inside a car and drove away after saying a sweet goodbye.

Reacting to the clip, one person commented, “Shamita is soo pretty.” Another person wrote, “Stop it guys!! They are just friends. Shamita already cleared this rumour. And if she will date someone it would be great. She should get married now.” Other person commented, “They are friends everyone, so don’t do bakwas (stupidity) in comment section.” “New couple? wow!”, added one.

Shamita previously dated Raqesh Bapat. They met on Bigg Boss OTT last year and instantly fell in love. They split up in July 2022. Raqesh and Shamita also collaborated on a song called Tere Vich Rab Disda.

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