The Trailer for Shania Twain’s Not Just a Girl Addresses Her Ex-Alleged Husband’s Affair
Shania Twain is telling her side of the story from now on.

In the first trailer for her upcoming Netflix documentary Not Just A Girl, released on July 20, the iconic country singer, 56, delves deep into the trials and tribulations she has faced throughout her legendary career.And it appears that no subject is off-limits, including Shania’s ex-husband Robert “Mutt” Lange’s alleged affair with her best friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud in 2008, which ended their 14-year marriage.The trailer includes a clip from a 2011 Today interview with Meredith Vieira, in which Meredith notes that “your best friend had an affair with your husband that led to divorce.” It then cuts to a separate clip of present-day Shania sitting on an ottoman in front of a scenic lake backdrop.The trailer includes a clip from Meredith Vieira’s 2011 Today interview, in which Meredith mentions that “your best friend had an affair with your husband, which led to divorce.” It then cuts to a separate clip of Shania in the present day sitting on an ottoman in front of a picturesque lake backdrop
.”It was similar to losing my parents,” Shania says in the video. “I assumed I’d lost my voice for good. That’s all I thought.”It’s unclear whether Shania’s remarks are in reference to her ex-husband. has reached out to Robert for comment but has not received a response.He denied being in a romantic relationship with Marie-Anne in 2008, telling People, “It’s not true.” Soon after, Marie-Anne confirmed to the publication that they were not having an affair, adding, “You can’t believe everything you read in the press.”

Following their divorce, Shania has discussed her personal life in numerous interviews over the years, as well as in her 2011 memoir, From This Moment On.Surprisingly, Shania found love again with Marie-ex-husband, Anne’s Frédéric Thiébaud. In 2011, the couple married.

According to a press release from filmytalks Not Just A Girl “traces her emergence as a crossover artist, defying stereotypes of what it took to be a country star, and takes viewers through her vision during Come On Over to become a global pop phenomenon.”The documentary, which will be released on July 26, will also include interviews with other musicians such as Lionel Richie, Diplo, Avril Lavigne, and Orville Peck.

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