Shehnaaz Gill asks Shahid Kapoor if he’s loyal to wife Mira Rajput after actor calls himself dishonest: ‘Aap udhar bhi jhoot bolte honge?’

Shahid Kapoor promoted his new Prime Video series, Farzi, on Shehnaaz Gill’s talk show. He talked about his biggest solo hit, Kabir Singh, and got into an animated debate with Shehnaaz about women chasing men.

On Shehnaaz Gill’s talk show, Shahid Kapoor promoted his new Prime Video series, Farzi. He discussed his biggest solo hit, Kabir Singh, and had an animated discussion with Shehnaaz about women chasing men.

Shehnaaz also asked Shahid if he is loyal to his wife, which sparked an animated discussion between the two about relationships and the dynamics of men and women. Shahid made his points so forcefully that Shehnaaz thought he was channelling his character from the film Kabir Singh.

Shehnaaz: “Pata hai kitni ladkiyon ke dil tod diye aapne shaadi karke (You know how many hearts you broke by getting married)?”

“I’m sorry,” says Shahid.

“Yeh ajeeb sa reaction tha…” says Shehnaaz. Darr lag gaya mujhe (That was an unusual reaction, and it scared me).”

“Sorry bola maine dil se, kissi ka dil todne ke liye sorry bolna chahiye,” Shahid said, apologising for breaking people’s hearts. I’m sorry, but I’m unable to return at this time. It’s too late now.”

“It’s too late, you’re loyal, na?” says Shehnaaz.

“Na mein matlab sawal tha (Do you doubt me)?” Shahid says. You’re not convinced? “Ladkiyan aise hi poochti hain sawal, kabhi seedha sawal nahi poochti” (Women always twist words, never ask direct questions).

“Aajkal waise hi ladkon se bharosa uth gaya hai (You can’t trust men these days),” says Shehnaaz.

“Ladkiyon pe kyun bharosa karein hum ladke,” Shahid says, “then why should men trust women?”

Shehnaaz: “Kyunki ladkiyan achi hoti hain, possessive hoti hain” (Women are possessive because they are nice).

“Ladke bure hote hain (And men are bad)?” Shahid asks.

“Ladke aise kaand kar dete hain, ke ladki shak karti hai,” Shehnaaz says, explaining why women don’t trust men.

“Toh kyun bhaagti ho unke peeche (Then why do you run after them)?” Shahid asks. Find a lady. Make friends with a girl. “What piques your interest in boys?”

“Option nahi hai” (I don’t have any options), says Shehnaaz.

Later in the same conversation, Shehnaaz asked Shahid if he knew what the word ‘farzi’ meant. He stated that he does and referred to himself as a ‘fake’. “Main pura fake hoon, mere andar koi real cheez hai hi nahi,” he said (I’m completely fake, not a single honest bone in my body). This, according to Shehnaaz, means he doesn’t need Mira’s permission to do what he wants. “Aap udhar bhi jhooth bolte honge na (You must also be deceiving her)?” Shahid laughed and said she was causing him problems.

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