'She's only interested in men that her friends are married to', Katie Maloney makes remark on Raquel Leviss

Raquel Leviss had a panic attack prior to her affair with Tom Sandoval after her castmates Katie Maloney criticised her for being untrustworthy and sadist.

Raquel Leviss had a panic attack prior to the public disclosure of her and Tom Sandoval’s affair, following criticism from her castmates about her untrustworthiness and excessive drinking. During the confrontation, Katie Maloney advised Raquel to ‘hide her boyfriend,’ implying that Raquel’s behaviour may lead her to pursue someone else’s boyfriend or husband. Lala Kent also chastised her for not respecting men’s boundaries. Katie also stated that Raquel is only interested in the husbands and love interests of other women’s friends.

During Wednesday’s episode, Lala Kent recounted feeling ‘appalled’ by Raquel’s intoxicated conduct. Lala revealed that Raquel had made out with Oliver Saunders, the eldest son of Garcelle Beauvais, at a club and had behaved erratically upon returning to their hotel room.

“The sloppiness of Raquel tonight made me go, ‘I don’t know if I would trust you after one too many drinks. “I’m nervous at this point in my life with anyone who’s going to be a liability and unpredictable,” Lala said. Katie even referred to Raquel as “Mrs. ‘I’m Gonna Make Out with Your Man,'” implying that there were parallels between Raquel’s recent behaviour and the incident in which Raquel asked Katie’s ex-husband Tom Schwartz to make out.

Katie expressed her concern about a pattern of behaviour she had observed in Raquel during an interview. Raquel, according to Katie, “seems to be only interested in men that her friends are either married to or interested in, which is a big red flag for me.” Katie jokingly advised others to ‘hide their boyfriends’ after Raquel left the room.

Many celebrities discussed Ariana Madix’s divorce from Tom Sandoval following his infidelity with Raquel. Kristen Doute, Tom’s ex-partner, stated, “It’s surreal that this happened with him and Raquel behind Ariana’s back. As in, there’s something I haven’t fully digested yet. I was literally taken aback. But now, in retrospect, I’m thinking, yeah, that sounds about right. But I had no idea he’d do it to her.” She mentioned that Ariana and Tom’s current situation is bringing back a lot of memories for her.

Tom Schwartz, Tom’s best friend, stated, “[Sandoval] is fine, I believe. Relatively speaking, he has a profound sadness, and rightly so, that he’s a piece of s***. And, to some extent, he may be. But he knows he messed up, and the whole thing is heartbreaking.”

Katie Maloney claims Ariana Madix is in ‘good spirits’ and ‘excited’ following her divorce from Tom Sandoval :

Katie Maloney provided an update to fans on Ariana Madix’s health following her separation from Tom Sandoval due to his affair with Raquel Leviss.

Katie Maloney recently provided an update on Ariana Madix’s health following her divorce from Tom Sandoval and the Raquel Leviss scandal. Katie revealed in an interview that Ariana is currently focusing on self-care and prioritising her mental health in the aftermath of the incident. Katie also mentioned that she recently met with Ariana and that she is in a good mood and excited about her future. Katie, on the other hand, did not elaborate on what they specifically discussed during their meeting.

Katie commented on Raquel Leviss’ behaviour of showing interest in the boyfriends and husbands of her friends. She advised other women to be cautious and keep their respective partners hidden from Raquel, implying that she is prone to pursuing taken men.

Katie discussed the situation and how it has affected Ariana on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the host of the You’re Gonna Love Me podcast. Ariana and Tom’s nine-year relationship ended as a result of the affair, and Katie discussed the impact it had on Madix.

“All things considered, she’s in a really good headspace,” Katie told Andy. She explained further, saying, “She’s looking after herself. We’re excited because I saw her yesterday. She’s ecstatic.”

Several celebrities have weighed in on Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval’s split as a result of his affair with Raquel. Among them, Tom’s ex-girlfriend Kristen Doute expressed her shock and disbelief, saying the situation is surreal and difficult to comprehend. She admitted that she was surprised that Tom would betray Ariana in this manner.

Kristen also stated that the current situation involving Tom and Ariana has brought back many memories for her, implying that it may be bringing up unresolved feelings from her previous relationship with Tom. Tom Sandoval’s best friend, Tom Schwartz, shared his thoughts on Sandoval’s emotional state following the fallout from the affair with Raquel Leviss.

Schwartz acknowledged that Sandoval is experiencing profound sadness and admitting that he made a mistake. Despite this, Schwartz stated that Sandoval is doing well considering the circumstances. According to Schwartz, the entire situation is tragic. Despite the separation, few reports indicated that the two were still living together in the same Los Angeles home.

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