On Monday, actor Siddhanth Kapoor was detained in Bengaluru on suspicion of using drugs at a party. He has since been granted bail. Sarim Momin, who directed Siddhanth in two unreleased films, says the revelation regarding his drug usage is out of character for him.
Sarim characterised Siddhanth as a “thorough gentleman,” expressing astonishment at his detention for drug use. Sarim also recalled Siddhanth refusing to portray his character doing drugs in order to avoid conveying the incorrect impression to the public.

He told that, “I was once discussing a role with him (for which I had cast him) and we were analysing the attributes. The persona was meant to be a rock star who was known to be ‘high.’ ‘Let’s not represent my character as someone who consumes drugs excessively,’ remarked Siddhant. It doesn’t give the right message, sir.'”

Sarim said, “As a filmmaker, I’ve never had something like what I’m reading about Siddhanth. He’s the most professional individual I’ve ever met, and a true gentleman.” Sarim directed Siddhanth in Khabees, which also stars Tanisha Mukherjee and Bharat Dhabolkar, and ASEQ, which also stars Vardhan Puri, Sonnalli Seygall, and Adi Chugh.

On Monday, Bengaluru Police verified that Siddhanth used narcotics since he tested positive in a blood test. “Yes, he is a DJ (disco jockey) and he plays at parties, and that’s what he was in Bengaluru for,” Siddhanth’s father Shakti Kapoor told HT City shortly after word of his detention surfaced. I’m not sure where all of these reports are coming from. I’ll speak with my son shortly to get the facts. But I know it’s not true.”

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