The second season of the Netflix series Indian Matchmaking appears to be much more backward and offensive than the first. Sima Taparia is back to preach her antiquated advice on Indian marriages, which she considers to be the Holy Grail, and this time she’s gone so far as to mention random celebrities who have nothing to do with her Netflix series. Sima Taparia makes the decision to discourage her client Nadia Jagessar in one of the episodes of Indian Matchmaking season 2 by declaring Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas to be “a horrible fit” and even body-shaming the latter.

Sima Taparia, an Indian matchmaker, suggests a younger man to a client.
Sima Taparia remarks, “2-3 years okay, but 7 years younger…,” upon learning about the 7-year-younger Vishal when she visits customer Nadia Jagessar’s home to discuss potential marriages.
They won’t be, I mean, because they’ll be different. Being mature is crucial. Because you are 7 years older, you are more mature. I believe we should let Vishal go. In agreement, Nadia’s mother says, “I believe if the guy is seven years older, it’s okay. I’m not sure why the girl is seven years older, though. Sima says, “Even I’m old-fashioned,” to the statement “Perhaps I’m old-fashioned.”

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are described as “a bad match” by Sima Taparia.
Nadia then uses Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra as examples, with Nick being 11 years younger than his wife. Sima curtly responds, “But I don’t feel it’s a good fit,” he continues. I’m sorry to say that. Although they were married, it wasn’t a good match. She appears older, and he appears so tiny and frail in her presence. Vishal was a cute and attractive lad, which is why Nadia liked him, the woman says as she turns to face Nadia’s mother. She ought to be able to see more in a boy, in my opinion.

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