Sumitra Mohanty, who was the staff advisor for KMC’s music society MUSOC at the time and remembers one of her favourite students, says that KK’s voice helped him get into DU’s Kirori Mal College. In 1986, he was at the top of the ECA (extracurricular activities) admissions list for singing.
“Losing a student is very sad for a teacher,” she says, adding, “He was such an amazing and talented student.” I still remember how he got into college. When I started college, I had just started a music society. He had such a beautiful voice. He got the most ECA admissions in music, which was well-earned. I’ve always been proud to say that I met him through the ECA admissions process.
She goes on, “He sang Western music, but I tried to show my students that there is no difference between Western and Indian music. I told him to listen to and be a part of Indian music, so he did. Later in life, he told me, “Thanks for introducing me to this music. It’s now my main source of income.””
She remembers that he played at the college again many years after he graduated. “So many people were around him, and I was in the staff room. He came to see me and gave me a hug. We talked for a long time, which was so nice. I was there to see him perform and listen to him, but it was getting late, so I left before the end of his show. I heard he was looking for me and asked, “Where are you, ma’am?” “She’s not here anymore, so what should I do?” she asks. “It’s heartbreaking to say goodbye to him, and it’s a very sad day for us,” she adds.

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