Sofia Hayat was fasting and had to be hospitalised in the UK due to a lack of salts and other electrolytes in her body. Sofia described the incident and mentioned how grateful she was to have insurance in the UK because the hospital bill was enormous. The Bigg Boss 7 actress and model is currently recovering from a health setback caused by fasting. Sofia Hayat made headlines in 2016 when she announced her intention to become a spiritual nun.

Sofia ‘fasted for the sake of her soul’?
Sofia was reportedly on a spiritual fast when her salt levels fell dangerously low. She was taken to the hospital and given five packets of salt before being revived. During her fast, she reported feeling dizzy and shivering. Her health deteriorated unexpectedly as a result of the fast, which was part of her spiritual practise.

Sofia discusses her medical setback.
Sofia stated to ETimes, “The salt levels had dropped dangerously low. I asked the nurse to get me five packets of salt, which saved my life. As a result of this condition, I was hospitalised, my heart felt strange, and I was shivering.” Sofia stated that talking on the phone with a friend made her feel better. She stated that after being hospitalised, she listened to her body and ate food and drank water. She also stated that she was feeling ‘pretty good’ before the emergency landed her in the hospital. She stated that she had done this type of fasting before and that it had ‘gone well.’

Sofia makes a joke about her medical bills.
Sofia can be seen wearing a COVID mask in an image shared on social media. She claimed that seeking medical attention during an emergency had a financial impact on her. “One of the first things they put in my face when I was in the hospital was the bill,” she reflected later. Thank goodness I have health insurance in the UK. Despite the fact that the bill is so expensive, it can actually bring people back to life.”

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