Sona Mohapatra has always been unafraid to express herself, but the constant trolling and negativity can get to her. In a recent interview, Sona recalled that when she called out Salman Khan for his misogynistic remarks while promoting Sultan in 2016, she had “literally sh*t coming in dabbas into my studio.”

Salman then told the uninitiated that he felt like a “raped woman” after the gruelling Sultan shoot. Although his father, Salim Khan, apologised for the statement, Salman remained silent on the matter. Sona recently told ETimes that she received death threats after speaking out against Salman’s statement.

Sona described “the most hideous horrible trolling, including death threats and literally sh*t coming in dabbas into my studio because I had called out Salman Khan for his misogynistic statements, which had gone viral.” And after a two-month process, the Minister of Women and Child Development had to issue a statement saying, “We are launching a hashtag called ‘I am being trolled’ for better online safety of women and children because Sona Mohapatra has been facing vicious threats.”

Sona stated that she was “morphed onto porn sites and there were gang rape threats every day, it was horrible.” Sona claimed that this was the work of a “consolidated digital army,” not just fans of the actor. “While it is fueling a culture of intimidation and bullying online and scaring women away from being online in that open space, it was premeditated,” she added. There were a lot of paid bots starting this game, so I decided to go for it.”

Sona recalled a “horrible” period for her family, saying that “Ram (Sampath) would come back from the studio and I would be sobbing on my couch.” That constant dealing with trolling and negativity is not easy, and it is certainly not something I enjoy. However, it is still worthwhile to go through because it gradually changes things because conversations change the world.”

Sona had said at the time, “Women thrashed, people run over, wild life massacred, and yet #hero of the nation.” ‘Unfair’. Such supporters abound in India. Salman attempted to retract his statement after making it, indicating some self-awareness of how incorrect it was. It won’t hurt to apologise. Dear millions’ idol, Getting your father to apologise every day isn’t enough. For a change, teach your fans something useful? #India.”

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