Sonu Sood is being chastised by the railways for sitting on the footboard of a moving train: 'It's dangerous and sends the wrong message to fans.'

Northern Railway chastised Sonu Sood on Twitter after the actor sat on the footboard of a moving train as it left station.

Northern Railway has chastised actor Sonu Sood for riding on the footboard of a moving train, calling it’dangerous. Northern Railway’s response came after the actor posted a video on Twitter last month of himself sitting on the footboard of a moving train.

Taking to Twitter, Northern Railway’s official page reposted Sonu’s video with the caption, “Greetings, @SonuSood. You are an inspiration to millions of people across the country and around the world. Traveling on train steps is risky, and this type of video may send the wrong message to your followers. Please do not attempt this! Have a pleasant and safe journey.” The actor had shared a video of himself sitting on the footboard of a moving train while clutching the handle next to him, near the train’s door.

The Mumbai Railway Police Commissionerate had also issued a warning to the actor for his actions, stating that such a trick would work in movies for entertainment purposes but not in real life. “@SonuSood, travelling on the footboard may provide ‘Entertainment’ in movies, but not in real life! Let us follow all safety precautions and wish everyone a “Happy New Year.” “GRP Mumbai issued a tweet.

During the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, Sonu Sood assisted thousands of people. At the time, he had received numerous messages from citizens seeking immediate assistance and had responded to their concerns.

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