Surbhi Tiwari, a television actor who married Delhi-based pilot and businessman Praveen Kumar Sinha in 2019, is divorcing. Surbhi, who was last seen in Sony TV’s Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka, has also stated that she has filed a complaint against her mother-in-law and his sister-in-law for domestic violence.

Surbhi made her television debut with Ghar Jamai in 1997. She has appeared in several television soaps over the years, including Shree Ganesh, Shikwah, Shagun, and Hari Mirchi. Agle Janam, Lal Mirchi Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se, Tota Weds Maina, and Hum Aapke Ghar Mein Rehte Hain are just a few examples.

Surbhi stated that things became difficult soon after their marriages and that Praveen was unwilling to start a family. “I quickly realised Praveen and I weren’t compatible,” she explained. Praveen agreed to relocate to Mumbai to live with me but later refused. I wanted to continue acting, but I couldn’t because I was flying with him. As a result, I was financially dependent on him and had financial difficulties. In addition, I wanted to start a family soon, but he wasn’t interested.”

“I have filed a complaint against Praveen, his mother, and his sisters-in-law for domestic violence and intimidating me,” she continued. Also, I haven’t received my stree dhan (jewellery), which is my right. Along with the jewellery they and I received at the wedding, I brought silverware with me. I have yet to receive a response. If I had that, I wouldn’t have to sell my gold ornaments to cover my living and medical costs. In a lot of ways, I feel cheated. Even after going through so much, I had intended to part ways amicably. However, Praveen informed me that he would not grant me a divorce and that I could seek one through the courts. I’ve now decided to take legal action against them.

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