Sushmita Sen Responds To Charu Asopa And Rajeev Sen's Choice To Postpone Their Divorce.

Many people have been touched by the reunion of Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen. As they celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with their daughter Ziana, the couple received trolling. However, they formally announced their decision to remain together today. The couple claimed to have a lovely daughter and that being excellent parents to the youngster was their greatest focus. Ziana is only a year old at most. Fans of the couple frequently urged them to put personal troubles aside and focus on the child. They expressed gratitude to the public for Ziana’s love and good fortune. Subhra Sen, the mother of Rajeev Sen, is currently with them.

I am very pleased for all three of you!!!…Dugga Dugga Shona!!! said Sushmita Sen, who has never commented on their situation. It is widely known that Sushmita Sen adores Ziana. The actress adopted the name of Goddess Durga, just like a traditional Bengali woman, and prayed for her brother and the new family’s happiness and safety. Additionally, supporters claimed that everyone wanted this. Sushmita Sen is like a friend, according to Charu Asopa, and the two of them have meaningful chats.

Rajeev Sen is a devoted father, according to Charu Asopa in a conversation with BollywoodLife. He stated: “He does move around a lot. He is, nevertheless, completely committed to Ziana when he is at home. He is a really devoted father, and even my in-laws are delighted about her.” We have seen pictures and videos of Ziana receiving affection from Sushmita Sen’s kids Renee and Alisah. According to what she claimed, Ziana’s paternal grandparents also adore her a great deal.

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