Sussanne Khan receives a sweet birthday message from boyfriend Arslan Goni via video, and she discloses his nickname

Sussanne Khan replied to Arslan Goni’s birthday greeting on Instagram. On Wednesday, she turned 44. They’ve been dating for almost two years.

Arslan Goni shared a video of his favourite moments with Sussanne Khan, who turned 44 on Wednesday. Arslan and Sussanne have been together for about two years. Arslan wrote a heartfelt letter to Sussanne about their love.

“Happy happy birthday, my love,” Arslan wrote. I’ve put everything out there. In the last two years, I’ve felt the same sensations I’ve always had: when I’m pleased, I’m happier; when I’m sad, I’m less sad; and when I’m in pain, I have the strength to bear it….. I’d like to express my gratitude to you. And I hope the child in you always lives on and spreads joy. Much love and happiness. Congratulations on your birthday. P.S. I couldn’t include another song because this was the song of the year.”

The video starts with a photo of Sussanne. It depicts Arslan and her on many occasions, with friends, family, and close friends. It also includes images of their couple from various travels they had together. Sussanne responded to the touching message by revealing Arslan’s nickname and said, “I am sooooo thankful and grateful for you cos u taught me how to fly relentlessly and bring out my best ‘Me’… my Babyjaan it’s allll coz of uuuu.”

Sussanne previously married Hrithik Roshan. They divorced in 2014 and are raising their two kids, Hrehaan and Hridhaan Roshan. Sussanne had previously uploaded a selfie of herself with Hrehaan and Hridhaan on her birthday eve. It said, “I’m so afraid of becoming older.” I’m just competent at being young… As a result, I play the numbers game. To find a way to express… life has only just begun… (Angel face and black heart emojis) I will not stop this train and will not change my current location… Thank you, Life, for making me who I am. I proudly wear my armour, flaws and scars and all…”

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