Taapsee Pannu got into trouble with the paparazzi a few weeks ago when she came at the Mumbai event for her upcoming movie Dobaaraa at Mithibai College. She got into a heated confrontation after one of the photographers allegedly used disparaging language toward her when she failed to provide them with the requested photos on time. While Taapsee was criticised by online users for her actions after the video went viral, the actress has finally spoken out about the incident.

Taapsee stated in an interview with Bollywood Hungama that she believes respect is a two-way street and that the paparazzi should treat her with the same respect that she does for them. She said that she has dealt with paparazzi in the Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi film industries and that many of them are her friends. She continued, “But some of them occasionally forget that there is a very thin line between being a public person and being considered public property.

The paparazzi were at the Dobaaraa event because the production houses summoned them, according to Taapsee, who claimed she never hires them for her own personal PR. Taapsee gave an explanation of what had happened at the gathering, saying, “You should hear the tone in which they occasionally speak. Simply said, it is so offensive to us. By clicking me, the man seemed to be doing me a favour based on the way he spoke to me. Even my parents would not correct me in such a manner. Even how to express it to you escapes me. A schedule was provided for me to follow. I was carrying it out. Why should I be the target of this attitude, which makes me feel guilty?

“I won’t admit that I treated anyone disrespectfully. Even though the man showed me no respect at all, I remained calm and continued to smile in a polite manner. He spoke to me in a tone that was really disrespectful and started making faces at me. I didn’t want to take offence. I lowered my hands and listened to what he had to say,” she continued.

Taapsee believes that occasionally the paparazzi take advantage of circumstances because they are equipped with cameras that only show one side of an event. She asserted that “targeting a person and demeaning them by releasing one-sided films is quite easy in today’s society.” She said, “We are not idiots. To lose our temper in front of the camera without cause, we are not illiterates.

“Unfortunately, they serve as the public’s primary access point to celebrities, and as a result, many people abuse their influence. I have the same humanity as everyone reading this interview. I have the absolute right to inquire as to why I am being addressed in an offensive manner. Nothing I did was wrong. We all work in the same field. As much as I respect them, they also need to respect me. Just because we are in front of the camera doesn’t mean we should only act respectfully, she added.

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