'Tereko jo bolna hai tu bol,' says the narrator. Ranbir Kapoor has decided not to promote Brahmastra any longer. View this amusing new video

Ranbir Kapoor became enraged with Ayan Mukerji and stormed out of the Brahmastra premiere, claiming that he was not promoting the film “properly.” On Saturday, Ayan posted a video on Instagram in which he asked a visibly irritated Ranbir to say his lines. The video began with Ayan Mukerji telling Ranbir to “take action.” “Brahmastra will be available on Disney+ Hotstar on November 4,” the actor said, forcing a smile.

Ayan, who was standing behind the camera, stated, “Hmm. You left out the word “blockbuster.”” Ranbir, who was upset, told him in Hindi, “Allow it to be. It’s finished now.” Ayan was adamant “Blockbuster. You must say it.” “Watch our blockbuster Brahmastra on Disney+ Hotstar on November 4,” Ranbir said again.

Ayan told Ranbir once more, “You’re just saying whatever you want. Do it correctly.” An enraged Ranbir removed his microphone and said, “Bhai mera hogaya abhi tereko jo bolna hai tu bol” (I’m done, now say whatever you want). He then stormed out of the frame, Ayan calling behind him, “Ranbir, VFX, music, hume bohut kuch bolna hai (Ranbir we have to talk about a lot of things including VFX, music). Come on, Ranbir.”

“November 4, don’t miss it, Disney+ Hotstar,” an exasperated Ayan said to the camera. The video ended with Ayan sprinting after the actor, yelling, “Ranbir, Ranbir!”

Ayan captioned the post after sharing the video, “Just in case you didn’t notice. November 4th… The Light is on its way!… (YET AGAIN) To Disney+Hotstar!!……… Blockbuster!!! Okay, goodbye.” Alia Bhatt responded to the video by posting several laughing face emojis. She also posted the video to her Instagram Stories.

Alia earlier this week shared a video of Ranbir speaking out against “more promotions” for the Ayan Mukerji-directed film. “I’m done with Brahmastra promotions and Ayan Mukerji. Not even Alia has said “Shiva, Shiva” as many times as she does in the film. Because I dance so much, I’ve turned into a ghost. Alia has lost her voice as a result of singing Kesariya at every event “Ranbir told someone over the phone.

Ranbir also stated that he is currently preoccupied with other matters, such as preparing for the birth of his first child. The clip ended with Ranbir on the phone with Ayan, telling him that they’must promote’ the film. “Hard facts,” Alia captioned the video.

Part One of Brahmastra: Shiva In September, the film will be released in theatres. Amitabh Bachchan, Mouni Roy, and Nagarjuna also appear in the film. On November 4, the film will begin its OTT journey with Disney+Hotstar. The film received positive reviews from critics and grossed over 425 crores at the box office worldwide.

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