Aryan Khan was deliberately targeted in the drug case! 8 officers under suspicion

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was the target of a drug investigation, and he was detained by the NCB team on a cruise from Mumbai to Goa on October 2, 2017. Aryan was accused of using drugs during this time. Starkid was also required to spend many days in jail following his arrest. Aryan Khan’s drug case is now being approached from a new viewpoint. Numerous errors have reportedly been discovered in the departmental investigation of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). Let us notify you that on Tuesday, the NCB vigilance team investigating the Aryan Khan case delivered its investigative report to the Delhi headquarters, and numerous errors were discovered.

According to an NCB official, the Special Investigation Team in the Aryan Khan case had roughly 65 people’s statements recorded. The inquiry revealed several irregularities, and eight NCB employees were determined to have acted suspiciously in this case. According to those who disclosed this, concerns have been raised about the cops engaged in the investigation’s motives since the article aired, and it looks that Aryan Khan may have been targeted on purpose.

According to sources, a 3,000-page charge sheet against seven to eight cops for irregularities in two to three other cases was given in August together with the Aryan Khan case. Let us remind you that Sameer Wankhede oversaw Mumbai NCB at the time of the Aryan Khan narcotics case.

According to sources from Entertainment News, the NCP’s Vigilance team’s inquiry revealed that Shahrukh Khan’s kid was specifically targeted and that the Aryan Khan issue was not adequately examined. But the reason why this was done is still a mystery.

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