The reason Salman Khan instructed the Godfather producers to "go lost" will shock and impress the audience, according to Chiranjeevi.

Salman Khan is prepared to captivate the southern audience with his special cameo in megastar Chiranjeevi’s next movie Godfather, which is an official remake of the 2019 flick Lucifer starring superstar Mohanlal and Prithviraj Sukumaran. Salman reportedly accepted to star in the movie without even reading the screenplay or receiving anything. Salman reportedly demanded the Godfather producers to leave him alone after they promised him money for his appearance, according to a recent interview with Chiranjeevi.

Salman’s name was recommended by Godfather director Mohan Raja for the part, the megastar revealed. Salman is his family’s closest friend, and Chiranjeevi had promised him that he would make an effort to recruit him. They also respect one another. Within 23 minutes of receiving a message from Chiranjeevi offering Salman the part and requesting that he watch Lucifer if he so desired, the Dabangg Khan accepted and merely requested that Chiranjeevi send a representative to talk about his upcoming dates.

Later, Ram Charan, Chiranjeevi’s son, went to meet Salman. Salman introduced himself as Charan’s brother and said that he doesn’t feel the need to watch Lucifer. Salman even resisted taking payment. Chiranjeevi was in awe of Salman’s character and was overjoyed with love and affection for him as a result of his gesture.

“You cannot buy my love for Ram and Chiranjeevi garu with money,’ he stated when my producers went to him and offered him money without knowing how much it was. Chiranjeevi advised Film Companion to “go lost.”

In Mumbai on Saturday, the Godfather film’s producers unveiled the Hindi version of the action comedy’s trailer in the company of a large number of famous people, including Chiranjeevi, Salman Khan, and Satya Dev. In his roles as Brahma and GodFather, Chiranjeevi turns in a solid effort. Salman Khan’s presence on screen enhances the punch line. Nayanthara and Satya Dev both seem like they’ll be successful in their respective roles.

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