The assailant who targeted Kim Kardashian for a robbery in Paris in 2016 has spoken up about the specifics of his strategy. His name is Yunis. While Armaan Malik has worked with the K-Pop band TRIBE, Johnny Depp may make an appearance at the MTV VMAs in 2022. Here’s the skinny

Interview with Kim Kardashain’s Paris robber

One of the criminals, Yunis, who participated in the frightening theft in which Kim Kardashain’s jewels valued at $10 million were stolen in Paris, has given an interview. Because of his health, he was let out of jail. He claimed that Kim Kardashain loves to flaunt her fortune and that people who couldn’t afford it did not find it alluring. He claimed that despite robbing her, he did not feel bad. He took the four million dollar engagement ring that Kanye West, her ex-boyfriend, had given her. Vice News aired the interview. The Grandpa Gangsters were identified as Yunis and his accomplices.

Allu Arjun and Armaan Malik collaborate with TRIBE

Memu Aagamu, a single by Korean pop group Tribe, is the first to feature Armaan Mallik and Allu Arjun as superstars. It’s a female ensemble. The song is made remarkable by Armaan Malik’s singing, Allu Arjun’s style, and the artistry of the K-Pop girl group.

In a vehicle accident, Scott Disick sustains just minor injuries.

The TV personality While driving his silver Lamborghini Urus, Scott Disick was engaged in a collision. TMZ has reported on this. The automobile turned over on its side. He recently had a cut. In California’s gated Estates of the Oaks neighbourhood in Calabasas, the incident took place. The vehicle was severely damaged when it collided with a stone mailbox. He was Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend. Together, the couple’s three children.

Kylie Jenner effectively silences a troll.

One of the youngest millionaires in the world, Kylie Jenner is not putting up with crap from anyone. When someone commented on her lips, she had just finished filming a TikTok video with her best friend Stassie Karanikolau. In response, Kylie Jenner retorted, “It’s the filter, but go off.”

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