Twinkle Khanna posts photos from Halloween parties and wonders, "Does pretending to be someone else...

Twinkle Khanna has revealed a sneak peek of her Halloween costume. She dressed up in black as a powerful witch with a crown. She asked her fans if they felt free to be themselves while pretending to be someone else, or if it provided some relief from themselves.

Twinkle shared two photos of herself in various costumes on Instagram, writing, “I love costume parties.” Dressing up as a character, a strange creature, or my personal favourite, a powerful witch However, in a story I’m currently working on, the protagonist wonders if pretending to be someone else gives you more freedom to be yourself or if it gives you some relief from being yourself. What are your thoughts? And think carefully before posting your responses in the comments section. There are no incorrect answers.”

A fan who agreed with Twinkle wrote, “Both of Your points are correct in my opinion.” If she feels more freedom playing another character, it means she needs to take care of herself, because clearly, if she feels more “free” doing something other than being herself, she doesn’t feel free playing her own authentic self. This could be due to two factors: 1. Because of societal “rules,” which she clearly understands are the result of societal conditioning for masses rather than thinkers like her. 2.

She feels so different from “normal conditioned” people that she is unable to express her thoughts to anyone else, which creates fear in her mind. What if people begin to respond to her if she begins to be herself, which creates fear in her mind, but because she is a thinker, she does not like that fear in herself, creating a deadlock situation. I must say, Twinkle, that I adore your questions. You force people to think critically and to question society and its rules. You have a lot of power. “I adore Your existence.”

Another person disagreed, writing, “Pretending to be someone else only takes you further away from your real self, the one true self only you can be among millions.” So it does not give you freedom; rather, it imprisons you within your own mind and body. It takes away your one true freedom of being your authentic self. And if you need a break from being yourself, perhaps you should reflect on who you are, what you want, and what changes you can make to be more accepting and loving of yourself. “Rather than a glorious version of a lie, be a better version of yourself.”

Twinkle is a Master’s Degree student in Fiction Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London. She is a writer who is married to Akshay Kumar. They have two children: Aarav and Nitara.

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