Twinkle Khanna's 'controversial' stance on sarees: 'This is a discussion,'

einsteineruploading up to get together with. The actress-turned-author stated that she was sharing her ‘controversial’ viewpoint on sarees.

Twinkle Khanna took to Instagram Reels to wish her followers a ‘happy Holi’ while wearing a bright green saree from Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla’s label. The video montage featured Twinkle flaunting her designer saree and also giving some goofy poses as she imitated people’s reaction to her telling them that she gets her sarees ‘stitched’. Rather than wearing a saree the traditional way, Twinkle made a case for’stitched’ sarees, listing ‘the pros’.

Apart from how easy it would be for her daughter Nitara to wear them in the future, Twinkle stated that she ‘can do whatever’ she wants while wearing’stitched’ sarees as opposed to a traditional saree. Twinkle shared the video montage and wrote, “This is contentious! My confession – Milord, I have my sarees stitched…”

She kept on writing, “Let me go over the advantages:

1. I wear sarees more frequently.

2. When I give it to my daughter, she only needs to adjust two hooks and it will fit her as well.

3. I only need two safety pins, not a half-dozen.

4. Do whatever you want – 11 jumping jacks or Jack without unravelling a single pleat.

5.It provides more work for our wonderful tailor masters. Raise your hand if you wear a stitched saree, and if not, explain why. This is a discussion. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate Holi!”

Some agreed with Twinkle, while others reasoned with her. “I find it convenient to wear it in the traditional way,” one person commented on the Twinkle video. I believe it gives us the freedom to style the pallu however we see fit…”

“Well, I really feel the beauty of the actual saree is lost when you stitch them,” said another. In my case, the stitched saree falls very oddly as my size increases or decreases.” “One can ride horses in the actual saree!” said another.

Only that you must know how to drape it properly.” However, an Instagram user appeared to be intrigued by Twinkle’s hack. “I haven’t been able to wear my sarees since my marriage because I can’t wear them on my own,” she explained. During wedding ceremonies, I was draped by my mother or mother-in-law. Please explain how tailors do it and how to have it ironed.”

Twinkle made her acting debut in 1995 with Barsaat and left the industry after her 2001 film Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega. Twinkle made her writing debut with Mrs Funnybones in 2015. She followed it up with an anthology of stories called The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad in 2017 and the fiction novel Pyjamas Are Forgiving the following year. She is married to actor Akshay Kumar, with whom she has two children: Aarav, a son, and Nitara, a daughter.

Twinkle Khanna has always been open about her unsuccessful acting career and how she is relieved to be able to move on to other activities that she enjoys.

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