Uorfi Javed asks Sudhanshu Pandey to keep an eye on Anupamaa after he refers to her as 'ghastly': Women's empowerment may be learned.

Sudhanshu Pandey called Uorfi Javed ‘ghastly’ for standing topless and eating laddoo in a Diwali video. She requested that the actor watch his own programme Anupamaa and ‘learn something’ about women defying social norms.

Sudhanshu Pandey recently criticised Uorfi Javed. The actor, who stars in the popular TV drama Anupamaa, took to Instagram Stories to respond to a video of a topless Uorfi eating laddoo while wishing followers a happy Diwali. He described her video as ‘ghastly,’ and said he was ‘enraged’ after seeing it. Uorfi has responded to his statement by asking him to watch his own show Anupamaa and learn about ‘women empowerment.’

On Wednesday, Uorfi turned to Instagram Stories and uploaded a news piece titled ‘Anupamaa actor Sudhanshu Pandey deems Uorfi Javed ugly; is the female body so offensive?’ She commented, “Very beautifully written.” Sudhanshu Pandey, please read this. You will see your hypocrisy and double standards.”

Uorfi continued to say to the actor on Instagram Stories, “The irony.” Anupamaa is a show about female empowerment in which a lady defies all of society’s expectations of women. Sudhanshu, why don’t you watch your own show? “Perhaps I’ll learn something.” Rupali Ganguly plays the lead in the show.

Sudhanshu recently resorted to Instagram Stories and commented about Uorfi, “I don’t follow this individual yet I still have to watch such terrible pictures every day owing to news outlets.” This has enraged me. How can you even promote such a travesty of a sacred event as Diwali… it’s Laxmi poojan day, for God’s sake.”

Uorfi had previously commented on Instagram Stories in response to his statements, “You see such awful sights because you don’t control the world.” I don’t like males like you informing the world that you don’t like seeing me, but I’ll put up with it! Right?” She had also said, “By the way, I’ve never seen you raise your voice against any man or sexual predator in the profession, but it was necessary to do so against me because what I put on my body is your concern.”

Uorfi began her acting career in TV series in 2016, and she was also seen in Bigg Boss OTT last year. She frequently makes headlines for her fashion choices, which can be seen in paparazzi films on social media as well as her personal posts. Uorfi recently found herself in legal problems as a result of her current music video for the song Haye Haye Yeh Majboori, which was published on October 11.

According to reports, an anonymous person filed a charge against Uorfi in Delhi for ‘posting or transferring material comprising sexually explicit act.’ Uorfi appeared in the Haye Haye Yeh Majboori music video wearing an orange saree and dancing in the rain with backup dancers.

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